Getting the time to game

Man, I've been having difficulties trying to find time to play some games. My back log is getting huge. Then I keep messing myself up by starting awesome new games (like red dead redemption) rather then finishing the older ones I've yet to complete (like Darksiders). Oh well. It could be worse. Guess I could have all sorts of time, but nothing that I want to play.


8-bit Battle: Mario Part 1.

     For some reason when I was a kid I was always afraid of tackling Super Mario bros, or any NES game, completely by myself. I don't know if it was just the intimidation factor or just thinking that only my older brothers were cool enough to be able to do it. But now at 24 and many years of gaming under my belt I figure it's finally time to go back and show all these old games whose boss. 
     I decided to start with the first one that always seemed unbeatable to me. Super Mario Brothers for the NES. My brothers and I used to play this game like crazy. Normally it would always end up in me getting stuck after using the secret pipe room in the second level and going to far ahead. After a while the SNES came home and this was left behind. With the constant wave of new technologies and games coming back there was no desire to head back. 
     Recently I bought a pretty awesome little console called the Retro Duo, which is now letting me dive back into my library of old NES and SNES games. If you want to be able to play your old cartridges but don't have a working console, then I strongly suggest picking up one of these. They use a SNES controller and run great. 
    In order to  play through Super Mario Brothers, I decided to use the Super Mario All-Stars game. I know its not the same and not even 8-bit, but I want to be able to make us of the save function that I know it has. I also plan to ignore all the little "secrets" that I know. Mainly, no secret pipe rooms. I want to play through every level.
     After playing through the first two worlds the all the old instincts are coming back. Getting the timing of the jumps down, learning hoe to nail all the jumping turtles with the fireballs, it's all coming back. I will say that this game can make my hands sweat with nervousness just as much as any Xbox 360 game or any other Current-gen console game could. It gets intense after getting hit once and you have to try to make a series of quick tight jumps.
     Perhaps one of the more fun aspects of going back and playing this game now is seeing all the little weird things that were just accepted when I was 5. For example, who the hell are all these Bowsers I'm killing? Its never the right castle, but I'm still dropping a look-alike into a lava pit at the end of each world. Am I knocking off all his cousins or something? Thats going to be a short guest list at the next family reunion. Oh-well It's and awesome game and I can't nit-pik it to death. I'm having an awesome time!

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What a tease.

     It's funny how a persons attitude can change after seeing a teaser trailer for a game they've been waiting for. Fortunately my attitude change is relatively innocent. I saw the new Gears 3 trailer last week, and while I've been eagerly waiting for it to come out, I kind of wish it hadn't, because now I'm forced to wait a whole year for the game to come out. Man it looks awesome. It's not really the new guns and it's definitely not the tentacled lambent that have me so intrigued. It's the how Dom looks in the trailer. 
    One thing Epic has right, in my opinion, is creating some awesome atmosphere in their trailers. From the first trailer with "Mad World" playing in the background, to the "Rendezvous" trailer. Man it's that kind of atmosphere that pulls me into games the most. Gears of War may come off to some as just another space marine shooter, but its that little bit of stylized atmosphere that makes me want to play and stay in this universe for other game releases, and maybe even some novels. 
   But back to Dom. The rugged, worn look that he shows hints at the possibility of a deeper, rewarding story arc and character struggle taking place. Something to actually care about while chainsawing through a bunch of locust. So now I have a year to sit around and wait and speculate where Epic is going to take this story. Hopefully they'll deliver.  Which plays back to the whole attitude thing. I'm both stoked and worried about the "final" game in the trilogy. But man, a full years wait is going to be brutal.
   Either way I'm still going to have retarded amounts of fun Chainsawing through locust left and right. Just keep "the flood" over in halo. Those tentacled lambent have me worried.....


Beginning of Giant NES Controller Table Project

     I’ve started work on a pretty hefty yet exciting project, building a NES Controller coffee table. I can’t really claim that it’s all that original, since I’ve seen several others made online already. I’m mainly pulling my inspiration from this guy’s, Kyle Downes, blog about the one he built. You can see the you tube video of his creation here. I also read that one was made by G4.

     Basically it all came about out of a desire to find a good way of storing all of the random mess that comes with owning several different gaming systems. That, and a love for some classic games.   All that and a need for some kind of project to work on. My wife isn’t too optimistic. She thinks it’ll end up half completed and taking up space in her living room. On the plus side we live near my parents and my dad has a large shed with a pretty good wood working shop so I’ll be able to do all the work there.

     Right now it’s all in the planning stages. Recently during my lunch breaks at work I’ve been working on drawing up some plans for the table. My thoughts are if I’m able to plan enough ahead of time, then the less likely it’ll be that the table will looked jacked up down the line. Using a drafting ruler I had left over from school I took measurements form a NES controller. Then using the modeling program I had at work I made a model of all the parts I would need to make out of wood. I’ll attach a couple pictures from that showing the designs I’ve made. Right now I’ve got it scaled up so it’ll be a little under two feet tall, but I might play around with that.

 The ISO image of the 3D Model I've made. Still a work in Progress

     I plan on getting the first few parts made sometime soon. Maybe the lid or the accents around the buttons. I still have to add the squares around the A and B buttons, but it shouldn’t take too long. I'm also absolutely open to any advice or suggestions. Hopefully this will turn out pretty cool.  

 Here is a small example of the Dimensions of the Top

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