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The one thing that made me nervous was the knockdown sequence. Many a promising campaign (read: Battlefield 3) has been ruined by forcing too many quicktime events.

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The thing that never fails to amaze me is that Valve has created an advertising campaign for a game which is untitled and hasn't been announced...and not paid a penny for it. There has been no word on the Half-Life series since 2007 but more people know about it now than they did then simply through hype.

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Hey guys, aspiring electronic musician / DJ here. I've been using Propellerheads Reason Adapted (basically the reduced version of Reason) and I'm looking for a new software to be my main workhorse. So, for you guys into this kind of thing, what are your favorite recording / sequencing / processing softwares?

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Using Firefox 10.0.2 on Win7 Home Premium 32-bit.

Link to profile here (look at total Wiki Point count).

Link to submissions list here.

My original submission to the Joanna Dark page garnered ~400 points, but it would appear that most or all of those points have been removed from my total. They are, however, still counted on the individual submissions page.

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I feel like Valve putting out a console would just cause another separation between PC gamers and console gamers, plus Valve might need to put a small handicap on people with high-spec PCs in order to balance Steam.

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For you guys still trying for 2 and 4, use the Giant Bomb pages for Neverwinter Nights and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (respectively). They're in the related concepts section.