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My bad.

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@nophilip: You can also simply guest onto other serves, as long as you're in the same geographic region ( ie: guesting to another NA server, but you can't guest from NA to Euro ).

This, along with the improvements to how guild perks work, means that you can get almost all of the benefits of being in a guild as long as you're in the same geographical region. Just remember to guest whenever there's a guild event ( such as a guild mission ) or else you won't get credit.

There are limits to guesting, but they're pretty loose. Can only have one guest serve at any one time during a twenty-four hour period, or something like that.

Cele / Moon

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@tehpickle: I personally didn't enjoy it, but I can definitely see why others would enjoy it. I watched every episode of Patrick's series on it, fascinated at the way the mechanics stacked ontop of one another. But ... when I played it ... just couldn't get into it. So, I agree with both Patrick and Jeff on this one.

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Elite wasn't, but as I said it's because it came out so late ( Dec 16th, after the recording ). However, Drew has said he's played the Beta ... but that's clearly not reason enough to be put on a list. It's still really disappointing that its release date is at this point, in terms of receiving accolades.I really hope that he plays it enough to push for it to be included next year. I know that's a hopeless dream ... and perhaps the game isn't worth that? But if it lives up to its promise? It should be in the conversation next year when "Best Representative of the Revitalized Space Genre" comes around for the debate. Will anyone remember it when/if Star Citizen comes out? And there's a host of other space games coming ( Rock Paper Shotgun put together a nice list ).

Endless Legend is in a genre ( Strategy ) that is just ... not represented on the staff, anymore. I think that both it and Xenonauts were done a disservice by this vacancy of opinion. What little I've played of Xenonauts is incredible. Maybe it sucks more than a few hours in? I don't know ... but I would like to see someone advocate for strategy more often.

I don't remember Fract OSC being mentioned by anyone, but I do remember Vinny's Quicklook of it. It looks insane. I have zero ability to grasp musical theory, so it looks completely impenetrable for me.

I do think it's weird that there was so little fighting over the order this year. That's usually the argument that I like the most. Why this is better than that. This year it was only "this is bad/good and should be cut/stay." There was little contrast, no pitting advocates for games against one another.

I missed that part. Wasn't it Batman: AA that had a two hour debate just about its placement in the order, or something?

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JJ, emphasize "to me" in that second quote, and you're onto something.

To me = my opinion.

Should not = factually incorrect.

I'm not saying they are incorrect, I'm saying I have a different opinion.

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I'll have to pay more attention to some of the sites you guys have mentioned here ( especially the ones I've never heard of ) ...

But I'm surprised that nobody mentioned Eurogamer or Rock Paper Shotgun.

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I know there's some forum rules about posting links ... but ... meh. This is important enough to the general playerbase of GW2 that I think your attention should be called to it. If a mod wants to get ticked and take it down, he takes it down.


If you're interested about the future of the game, I suggest you check it out. I personally am not real interested in digging through the reddit information referenced to mine it for any more details, so I can't contribute much beyond what is said in that article.

The big highlights for me are: The level cap will eventually increase and there will be no new rarity added down the line although adding more items ( edit: to existing tiers, such as armor sets ) to the game will probably come with the expansions rather than updates. ( edit: Missed the line where Chris Whiteside was quoted as saying, "a full set of ascended gear will be slowly introduced over the next year." )

I hate it when people say, "Discuss!" like it's some sort of command from the unopinionated, but I'm curious to know other's take on the article, and what was said there-in. I have some opinions I could expand upon ... but ya'll get upset when I post "walls of text" so I guess linking to one wall of text will suffice for one post.

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On a related note ... the LFG messages in LA Overflow can be hilarious.

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Can I do sPvP on a Borderlands map ... ? ... Thurb's team transfers to TC and goes into one tower. My team stays on Yaks and goes into another tower. First one to take the other tower wins!

More realistic take: Sure, I'll participate so as to gain a rank or two ... but I don't think it'll ever become my primary focus. If there were enough people in BOMB to do some inter-guild matches, that'd be pretty cool.

What's this about private servers? Anet is going to let people run their own GW2 pvp server?

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@DragonBloodthirsty: @DragonBloodthirsty said:

A) They got fixed by getting nixed, which is great because now WvW is fun again. Even when you're losing, you don't feel like there's nothing you could conceivably do. I thought "Finally, these people understand that giving players stat boosts in WvW fundamentally undermines the main selling point of the game."

B) Really? That's your grand solution to "lack of level 80 content"? Adding a new tier of equipment that requires more grinding is not what I had in mind when I said "I want more to do once I hit level 80".

C) I also very much do NOT want to see equipment that is relevant to WvW. I already feel out-classed by all-exotic players, and I had intended to be a crafter because it seemed more solo friendly. I won't be winning a race to the top, but slow and steady still completes the race. If more and better equipment is constantly being added, I'll never be able to keep up. If this were a different MMO, I'd just quit and say "Well, that's how it is," but this is Guild Wars, the game that touts itself as "the MMO that lets you have a life outside the MMO".

D) Adding another tier of equipment is a big no-no with this kind of game design.

E) Broaden and adding new equipment, or a different mix of stats that wasn't available before is fine, as long as they are on par with the existing stuff.

F) I do not play Guild Wars so I can get kicked around by people who play more often than me.

A) Removing the orbs didn't make WvW fun again, for me. In fact, it made the WvW game incredibly pointless and without a defining goal. It's become a point farm to see which server can reach the end of the week with the most accumulation that is mostly decided by the opening Monday. A huge side-effect of removing the orbs is that now during "off-peak" times there is absolutely no incentive for the player-base to thin out, and you encourage a concentration on to one map so players can kill each other with greater regularity to increase the number of badges they get. You end up simply hammering away at people for hours on end with absolutely no gain, no point and no investment. I can go to another map and capture every point ... but what do I accomplish? Not a damn thing.

Long story short? WvW is now a three day a week event ( Saturday to Monday ) with a four day badge grind afterwards. Yippie! ( side note: this has forced me to pick between the real event this weekend, and the wvw "event" ... I pick the real event ).

B) You knew there was going to be ascended equipment. You knew it was going to be a grind. Why are you surprised or upset? You sound reactionary and as though you are finding things to bitch about. There was in GW1, and it was no less of a grind. Go back and look at the requirements for that armor. I never had a single piece of ascended gear in GW1 because I was unwilling and unable to farm the required zones. To me, your argument that Anet has ruined the game by putting a tier of armor that requires a huge investment of time doesn't hold up. As others have said, the stat difference between them is going to be minimal, and the combat ( especially wvw and pvp ) is far more heavily predicated on player skill not player equipment. The only enemy player to truly kick my ass in wvw was an incredibly skilled pvp'er with a "Slayer" title. Had nothing to do with his equipment ... everything to do with the fact that in that Slayer's hands a mesmer is f-n badass.

C) It's not, see above. There is a difference between equipment at lvl 20 to lvl 80, but unless you're dueling ( which rarely happens ) it doesn't matter. Once you get multiple people going in the fight, let alone the meat-grinder-cluster-fuck that is weekend or grind-centric, the fact that you have 2 more points of power than the other guy amounts for exactly diddly when that ballista, opperated by a lvl 4, can kill you just as fast as everyone else who doesn't have extra power.

D and E) Eh? ... Disagree, see above. This is all aside from the fact that from all I've seen these things are going to be accumulative, and the infusing sounds more like the customization and stat variance that you want. So you say you want something on the one hand ( more variety and dungeons and customization ), but say you don't want the rewards for it on the other hand.

F) That's going to happen because the people who play more than you are, often, better at the game than you. And the fact that they play more than you means that they have accumulated more of the things required for this new ascended equipment. The fact that they are both equipping ascended equipment and better than you is not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, they are both effects stemming from the same cause. By earning one, you have probably earned the other.

I've read a couple of your blog posts ... and I honestly think that you had a picture of what you think GW2 should be in your mind, and every time the real game deviates from that you're upset. You want to play the game you have in your head, and you don't like what's really happened. As someone who can bitch about just about anything ... take some advice: Play what you think is fun, write down the things you think would be improvements on a scrap of paper? And then toss them into the trash. Release the stress. Then move on.

It's starting to sound like GW2 just isn't the game you thought it was going to be, and this makes you unhappy. Go play the game that makes you happy.