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Well everyone at GB should have ample time to play all the games up for 2014 GOTY stuff this year.

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Well shit.

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Confirmed on my end. It does appear to be something to do with Java scripting.

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I'm married now with a kid and I don't have the opportunity or time to dominate the TV and the living room by playing games. So I've decided to invest in PC gaming. Got a nice new rig, a wired 360 controller and I'm set. All the games I had on consoles (except for stuff like Uncharted obviously) are on Steam and they run at 1080p/60fps maxed out. Also backwards compatibility is no longer an issue.

I'm interested in getting a WiiU (after a price drop), because it's been a while since I've owned a Nintendo console and that's one that I wouldn't have a problem with my kid playing. I still have my PS3 to watch blu-rays and for the occasional exclusive, but PC is where it's at these days.

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It is. Fall of Cybertron doesn't sync up either.

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Too little, too fucking late.

It's bad enough that they've finally deigned to take a second glance at the PS3 version of the game, which I traded in after tiring of constantly restarting questlines and the game itself over and over again due to sheer unplayability.

But even my beloved Giant Bomb went cascading through logic loophole after logic loophole to basically tell a third of the people out there "sucks to be you". Awarding this game GOTY, regardless of the quality of the less fundamentally broken versions, is a shame and a disservice to the developers out there who put out fantastic, unbroken games on all the major platforms.

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@Olivaw said:

@BrockNRolla said:

Super heros are kind of dumb in my opinion. They don't connect with the real world in any meaningful way because of their ridiculous powers.

Now, the ones that are interesting aren't "super" at all. Batman for instance is very interesting. Iron Man as well. We're talking about flawed human beings, running around in suits, doing incredible things. That's where you find the interesting stories.

This is a remarkably simplistic view to take!

Any story can be about anything at all and still be easy to relate to. I've read plenty of superhero stories about men who can fly and shoot lasers from their eyes that aren't about superheroes, they're about things like temptation and finding yourself and working through other's expectations.

It just takes a good author to tell those stories. It's the difference between a western telling a story about a cowboy, and a western telling a story about a person.

Do you see what I'm saying? I'm saying that Unforgiven is a better movie than Fistful of Dollars.

(oh and my favorite superhero is Superman. haters gonna hate)

I share a great love for Superman. People who hate Superman think that Superman is about his powers. It's the same stupid simplistic reasoning that's caused many a terrible Superman game to come out.

Bats is my favorite, though.

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Well I blame myself. I read an article that Brad 'spoils all games and then gets mad when games get spoiled for him' Shoemaker wrote.

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