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Oh god finally a new Star Trek game.

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I'm not a new member but I'd like to be more involved in the community, so any followers would be most welcome.  I'll follow anyone in return as well.

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Does this really work?

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Works fine in Firefox.
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Took a pic with my phone.  It's been this way for a while.  I've leveled up several times.
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Using Windows Vista 64, IE9.


I still get quest xp and level up appropriately, but I can't see the actual xp bar to the right of my level number.  My mouse recognizes the space where the bar should be, and if I click on it, it sends me to the quest page.  I just can't see it.

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No way it's out by end of year. This is Blizzard.

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People are defending the disc-swapping now, but wait until GTAV has 3-4 discs, and you have to load a new disc every time you go to a different island of the city.  Then we'll see where the chips fall.
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Even if you didn't have a card associated with PSN, it's a good idea to change your passwords and contact, say, Experian, to put a 90-day fraud alert on your identity.  All the details that they got about address and birthday are the kind of details that one would need if one were thieving identities.
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Mortal Kombat endurance run.