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Well, I just paid for my forwarding feed and EMS shipping from DV8cag yesterday. Hoping I get it by early next week and I get some playing in. I've noticed that in my times with rhythm games, you get into a zone and just care only about hitting your notes and such. It happens with me in DDR, Beatmania IIDX, Project Diva F, etc.

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While they didn't take it too seriously in the quick look, it's what push me over the edge for my purchase and I'm pretty happy I did. I think the music is great and the rhythm game is probably the best I've played in quite awhile. God tier tune is probably one of my favorites as well. It's good for diva point grinding as well since I clear 66k diva points each time I play it on hard.

While other parts of the game like raising my affinity with the vocaloids is strange but not entirely boring.

I really hope Sega brings the next game to the west. While I know I could probably have troubles importing it, I prefer not to if I don't have to.

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I  was thinking about getting this once I have some MS points purchased. The demo was pretty fun. I might not get PQ2 right away since I never finished PQ anywhere, PC or Xbox.