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@Claude said:

I bet Dave blushes when he reads this stuff.

I think Dave is Enjoying reading the random stuff he's posted  and said in the past.  Keep it going guys and gals !  
He posted this comment on his Twitter account about 2hr ago.
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@dudeglove@dudeglove said:


As the great  @nchan would say "That's racist !!!"  ..... lol  
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@xMP44x said:
To be honest, buzz_clik might actually be more than capable of drawing up some new avatars. He does do a lot of t-shirts that look great so I have no doubt he could whip up some avatars as well.
There's a lot of talented artist/ cartoonist in the GB community that can probably create new ones for the whole crew. 
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FYI Gamersgate UK has a count down timer on Civ 5, It's down to about 2 hr until sale expires.

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@SlasherMan said:

Thanks for that Civ 5 tip folks. Logged into my GG account, quick transaction, activated on Steam and all's well. $10 is a steal!

Downloading Civ5 on steam atm. I still had to show Steam some <3 so I got Just Cause 2  &  Heroes of Might & Magic V , can't beat $4.99  
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Sarcastic Gamer  Blue and Red Show (I like the blue  show more)
 Sarcastic Gamer sgflix (I just recently started listening to this one)
* Gametrailers Invisible Walls 
* G4 Feedback 
You can subscribe to all these shows on  iTunes but ( * ) are video shows, but you can download the mp3 audio file from their prospective websites.

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I wonder if the game's tittle is intentional ? "Papo & Yo" is very similar to Papa y Yo which is spanish for Dad and Me. 
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@RobertOrri said:

Oh look, shots of Ryan and Brad playing the game!

3:55 Ryan  4:00 Brad 
 At first I thought it was a Giantbomb produced  video , but i found it on the Double Fine website.  Here's the link   http://www.trenchedgame.com/devdiaries.html