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ahhh, people are already submitting joke suggestions. Time to abandon ship for all is lost.

@drewbert Do you guys plan to quick look December releases such as Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Halo: Spartan Strike, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD?

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I think I liked it better when everyone played the majority of the games they were talking about in GOTY. This year, we are going to get someone suggesting a game that only 1 or 2 of the crew have played. The rest of them will have to go with what he said rather than having their own critique or personal reactions to it.

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Dude. WHAT!?

EDIT: I can't tell if this is for the GB community's edification or for a university project or some other thing. There is a page of out of context quotes with one of the GB crew yelling profanities in every other quotation.

EDIT: I guess it doesn't matter, I'm enjoying reading through this.

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I am from Wisconsin and we have beer, cheese, and brats. I am fine with all these things.

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I feel like Drew will pick Destiny because he hasn't played 10 other games this year.
@pyromagnestir said:


  • who the fuck knows?
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I drink quarts of Yuengling. It's more american...

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I think Bayonetta is a weird one. It's a game I've seen only positive remarks about and yet, I don't think the GB crew (excluding Jason and Dan) have had any motivation to play it.


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I'm cool with everyone in that picture. Seems like good news.

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For step 4, I forgot to capture a picture of the username and password entry and it didn't prompt me again the second time. It is pretty self explanatory though.

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This is just a small How-To to help any folks looking to get the new premium bombcast feed (or any subscriber feeds) integrated into the iPhone podcast app.

1. Open up the rss feed you want in a browser:

on the bombcast page, click this rss button

2. Find the podcast xml link:

The highlighted text is what we are looking for

3. Type this URL into Safari (haven't tried with other browser apps):

Make sure your spelling is correct

4. It will ask for your Giant Bomb username and password. (what you use to log into this site)

5. It should ask, if everything went smoothly, to open this feed in "Podcasts". The last thing to do is hit "Subscribe". Enjoy!