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I'm playing Final Fantasy 13 right now. Got to chapter 11 which is where the game stops funneling you down single paths, wants me to do a bunch of grinding. (sigh) I haven't wanted to go back because of it.

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This thread, despite being pretty irrelevant today, is still fun to read.

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Watched this live last night. I really enjoyed the entire performance.

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Fire Emblem Awakening. Losing a soldier is soul crushing for a perfectionist/completionist like myself. I put it down because I refused to pick the casual option. I want to go back to it and I probably will; playing the casual mode most likely when I do.

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Far Cry 2. I think people picking Far Cry 3 are looking back through rose tinted glasses, not recalling the second half of that game.

Far Cry 2 doesn't hit the same highs as Far Cry 3 but it is more consistent and burning down the whole world is never not fun.

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Unloading two codes for PS4 (North America) beep beep beep. Reply below and I'll message you after.

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@meatball: good to know, I finally leveled high enough that I was picking up a bunch of different special weapons. This is good news.

Also, finished Devil's Lair, man destroying that spider tank felt good.

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@insane_shadowblade85: I was trying out a lady awoken warlock and one of the choices for her hair was prolly the craziest Mohawk I've seen in a while.

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Loving it so far. They definitely have the bungie feel of weapons down. Worried it might get repetitive due to lack of variation in the mission design. Really digging the hunter, enjoying the sniping. Question though, can any of the other classes eventually use the sniper rifle? That might sway me to go titan cause I like their L1+R1 ability.

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