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@Fenrisulfr: I take it you mean, Aliens: Thanatos Encounter? That game was hard as hell, could only get a few levels in before all my marines died.
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@ZeForgotten: I dunno, the guys with rocket launchers would at least lower the price of good housing in the area.
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@djames216:  Yeah I have the Laura Palmer one too, I liked the Cooper one a bit more since it delved into the world outside of the town. Mulholland Drive is well worth a watch but it is quite different from Peaks, doesn't have the same goofy sense of humour to balance out the darkness. It is however weird as hell so if that's what your looking for it'll fit the bill nicely.
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Started downloading Dead Nation but when I went back to que up Wipeout the options were gone, take it the stores down due to all the traffic.

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How was the Yakuza movie that he directed a few years back? Like many others have said, guy has mad range when it comes to genre and style. Just here in the west he's known better for his controversial features.

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@Axxol:  Arousal: Tell me more.
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@Enns:  As dumb as it is, I found watching the 70 year old man from "vengeful ex" shimming up a pipe and jumping roofs was almost worth how "reality" breaking it was.
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@Jay444111:  Like imsh_pl said, Movies are a long established medium. Games are still trying to prove themselves as something beyond cartoony platformers for kids and ultra violent bloodbaths with no purpose to a lot of people. What bothered me most about Dead Space 2 was that the game, as violent as it was actually had a story and purpose behind it. Those ad's buried the story and focused only on the violence of the game. And I can't imagine it got anyone to buy it aside from pre-teens.
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I've never liked the Skate series, I've been waiting for Activision to cash in that "Nostalgia" card and make Pro Skater 5 for years now, 4 came out what nearly a decade ago? and "Reinventions" of classics seem to be big in gaming now. (Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat spring to mind)

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"It's revolting. It's violent. It's everything you love in a game. And your mom's gonna hate it."Dead Space 2's marketing campaign was utterly pathetic, just as the games medium started becoming socially acceptable, EA just had to set us back 10 years back.Fuck you EA.
Would have been my pick too. Not only does it make the community look like childish assholes, it devalues the game as well.