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Spent the evening raising a various assortment of glasses of various whiskey to Ryan, just got home, saw this, realised it is now Tuesday in Sweden, and I'm struggling with this fact.

Tuesday evening will bring more toasts, confused looks and even more confused feelings, and hopefully a photo for this as well.

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@xymox said:

@cerogravian said:

This is fucking shattering. I can't, damn.

Watching all the reactions and lovingly remembered moments make it worse, but better, but. Damn.

Reading comments and various twitter feeds just makes it worse and then the tears come back.

And then someone posts

something like this

and then you laugh, and then the tears come back again.


And nothing is exclusively on either side. It is fucking glorious to read and discover that thousands of people express what you want to say, but you still have to say it, but you can't say it well enough, and then you want to create some kind of monument or tribute to the man, but then you feel you may not be entitled to or could even provide something vaguely inspired, then you sit back and read more, and start all over again.

Damn, I need to do... something.

Sorry, this is weirdly painful, but damn. He shouldn't be gone.

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This is fucking shattering. I can't, damn.

Watching all the reactions and lovingly remembered moments make it worse, but better, but. Damn.

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Warframe: ToasterBoss

I added a couple of you from the list, haven't seen much activity yet though.

Of the European persuation.

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GTA never captivated me with anything after one and two.

Saints Row has my love.

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Congratulations, the feature already exists!

If it wasn't clear from LordAndrew's post, you just need to click the 'Releases' in the menu you see on the left side of any game page to see all available dates. Even though there are a few exceptions, usually most of Europe lines up with with the dates for the United Kingdom.

Another feature you may have missed is if you check the New Games-section, in the top right of the list you see four flags, and you can pick the closest one to get more relevant data!

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@Jay444111: Sorry - I sincerely doubt that, but it could always be fun to try!

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Just mail the gunpowder-smelling, burned-out remains to Square with a demand for a percentage of the settlement sum and hope for the best?

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@Marz: One more vote to ignore the first Persona, but you reeeally should should check out Innocent Sin (and Eternal Punishment, thought I heard it was on the way to the PSPs/PSVs as well?). It is an older game, and the focus is a bit different, but the good stuff in 3 & 4 would not be possible without the two 2:s. I think the gameplay still holds up, but most importantly the characters, story and world are just beyond greatness.

On a more bitter note for the rest of the thread: I really hate North American exclusiveness that gets my hopes up...

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This is great work, and you have properly inspired my Sunday, good sir.