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I just thought it had a similar vibe to some of the Spelunky tracks, which seem to come from a pretty unique blend of influences I hadn't heard before



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Likely entirely coincidental or there is some other common influence but I thought it was interesting and didn't know where else to share it.

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Hot as fuck.

Though I still want to be able to date Kanji-kun~

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@EpicSteve: There are. Or rather there have been in shows like Retronauts. But the Bombcrew seem to hold many opinions in contrast to the standard fare that I think a music episode could be very interesting.

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Mmm... I agree with the small talk but call-ins are always so awkward.

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what you say may be true but just think of the hijinks that could be had in J,R, and V being free to delve deep into their pasts as videogame enthusiasts and beguiling us with tales of yore. So maybe an episode where they are not required to talk just about recent games but their favorite game experiences of all time or whatever.

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How would y'all feel about an 'end of year' podcast where they were to throw away typical format?

They done it in the past for "All Emails" editions and such but haven't in quite some time. I always thought they were fun.

How about all Off-topic Bombcast where game discussion was not required. Or a music edition of the podcast where each member could showcase some of their favorite game music... or... something?

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New 8-4 today.

Klepek is out.

I thought it might have been forgotten.


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I believe a universal language would be extremely beneficial to the state of the world over. I think with the rapid expansion of information/communication technology will make this an inevitability anyway. I also believe the strife caused by lingual/cultural barriers much outweigh their value. This could get us one step closer to everybody realizing that we're all in this together.

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You say you come from a Christian family. What could be more Christ-like than sacrificing your body and blood in the hopes it might save others?

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