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Hopefully, this stuff will spark a resurgence in the rumors of Allard's prominent involvement in some crazy Microsoft orgy-having, partner-swapping swingers club.  When you're as XTREME as Allard, monogamous relationships aren't enough to satisfy.

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Yeah, I agree. The actual IF I'm trying to work on won't just be random things I come up with on the fly in response to comments.
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 You see a computer monitor in front of you.  It looks like it might be an ancient Apple ][, but negligence on the part of the machine's mysterious owner makes this inference somewhat suspect. Still, the green dot matrix display is working, casting a spooky green glow over the desk the monitor sits atop. There appears to be something on the desk on either side of the monitor.
[EDIT: Now, I have constant internet access, so gaps of this length will hopefully never reoccur. Although they might, because I've yet to get into the habit of checking Giant Bomb every day. -- but this will change, I swear.]
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Here are some facts about me: 

  1. I've never driven an automobile legally, and in my 25 years of life, I've only driven one (1) Subaru four (4) times in two (...) adjacent parking lots in Ashland, OR.
  2. The closest thing I've had to a career was in the exciting, draining field of residential care for the retired and enfeebled, eventually obtaining CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant) certification from the state of Oregon. Mostly, I kept orderlies and cooks on task when not delivering special meals to the very ill - or recently deceased, on two occasions.
  3. I was offered a writing position at Jeremy Parish's side project/zine, Gamespite.net, but I couldn't figure out the wiki markup language the day my first article was due and, showing the kind of derring-do and stick-it-to-ive-ness I've developed a reputation for, I just kinda stopped posting on the staff forum. Since my first piece of Gamespitefullness is nearly a year over deadline now, I don't think I really have a position there. I can still access the staff forums, which is kinda neat.
  4. I've played guitar for nearly 9 years, and I'm still barely an intermediate talent at the instrument.
  5. I cannot whistle.
  6. The only time I've ever been a recognized member of a videogame message board/community type thing was four or five years ago, on the insertcredit forums. Oh, those were the days. I never countenanced to selectbutton.net - although there's still a bunch of old "internet friends" posting there I wouldn't mind communicating with.
  7. I've been toying around with interactive fiction for the past three months or so, using the Inform scripting language (if you can call something so... intuitive a scripting language - which is what it is, of course, it just uses, like, actual grammatical sense to this Lit Comp major).  When I get something that is not pre-alpha done, I'll host it somewhere. Any zcode interpreter will run the Inform language, I think, so it shouldn't be much of a hassle no matter what system you've got. Right now, I think a true experience with my project requires a Commodore 64 with an Epyx fast cart loader. Hopefully, I'll get some stuff written on the process of writing IF with no prior game development experience and post it here, but I'm pretty slow and notoriously flaky when it comes to this stuff. 
  8. I like NEXT GENERATION POWER and all, but lately I've been enjoying PSP and DS gaming way more than the NEXT GENERATION POWER experience - the recent slew of awesome fighting games and Far Cry 2 notwithstanding. 
  9. My favorite comic artist is Alex Ross, of being Alex Ross the Comic Artist fame.  One of my favorite high brow authors in any field is also named Alex Ross, of the New Yorker and writer of 2007's Pulitzer Prize nominated The Rest is Noise: Listening to the 20th Century. 
  10. I play bar trivia at the Hawthorne Hideaway (it's on SE Hawthorne St. in Portland, OR) every Monday.  Our team is named Willocalypse, for very long and convoluted reasons.
That about covers it. Since my 'official' gaming blog, A New Sku for This IP, has more or less died out due to lack of audience, I'm going to post all game-stuff here until this blog also becomes a depressing wasteland of no consequence. The over/under is 6 months.
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Woah -- I haven't logged on Giant Bomb since posting that, and I had no idea there were people reading or commenting on it.  I'll do better in the future, I promise... no, I guess I can't promise that. I almost never stick with any internet community for more than 24 hours. But I should! Anyway, I'll start writing something more about trying to wrap one's mind around translating Thomas Pynchon into interactive fiction.

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I'm going to start writing an interactive fiction game, right now. It's nearly 5 in the morning.

Hello, and welcome.