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Ode to a Camera Animator 0

Almost every mission in Splinter Cell Conviction begins with a little swooping cinematic of the area Sam Fisher is expected to navigate. Then the game's camera sort of wobbles right behind Sam's right shoulder. A few words will be projected onto some nearby wall or crate - usually some espionage boilerplate along the lines of "PLANT THE C4" or "FIND THE SCIENTIST" - before the game accedes control to the player.This sequence showcases of some of the coolest, most stylish implementation in a vide...

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10 Years On, Looking Back At a Defining Dreamcast Game 0

Phantasy Star Online could have been the most influential piece of entertainment in console gaming history. Instead, Sonic Team's magnum opus  was dead on arrival; Peter Moore announced Sega's decision to become "platform agnostic" on January 31st, 2001 - the day  Phantasy Star Online  ver. 2  hit retail shelves. Considering the first PSO was a buggy mess on the scale of Battlecruiser A.D. 3000, how many had the  oppurtunity to sink 100+ hours into the first really good  PSO game? What a bumme...

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The lonliness of the forgotten rough gem 0

I love the name of this game. Shadow of Rome suggests an ancient and mysterious world, lousy with back room conspiracies and torrid adulterous affairs occurring inside vast, majestic coliseums and Senate halls; a time of corruption and deceit, of violent justice, of venal senators and murderous Caesars.The box art is not as wonderfully evocative as the title, but it is packed with archetypal images: fire, gilded armor, those funny Roman solider hats. The cover image of an imposing Centurion with...

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