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 All right lets start. My earliest memories of Video Games are Sonic The Hedgehog and Might and Magic(Which my dad always played.) I also played some Kirby Super Star at someone else's house. Eventually I got a GBC and a Playstation.
The first games I remember playing start to finish were Pokémon Red(I started with Charmander then later switched to Squirtle) and Crash Bandicoot 3(I felt quite awesome that day.)
After a while playing more Playstation games I couldn't beat I got a N64, a system I'd been dieing to have after playing it at my cousins house and some Super Mario 64 at a friends. The first game I got (Which was bundled in) was Pokémon Stadium, which to this day I have not beaten. Some other games I enjoyed were Super Smash Bros. and Kirby 64, the latter of which still remains my favorite N64 game.
For a birthday I got a newly released GBA and thus this is when I truly felt like a gamer. There are many many great games on the GBA which I still find myself coming back to now and again. By far my favorite being the Megaman Zero series, which I only got the first one because of a mistake on the part of a family friend. I must have played through those games at least 15 times each. Thanks for making a mistake.
Eventually I got a Gamecube, after that a DS, then a PSP, and then a PS2. No strong nostalgic stories for these systems sorry :P
Well nothing else to say except that my favorite game series are Kirby, Pokémon, Megaman and, Sonic The Hedgehog. I hope you enjoyed a short summary of my gaming life, if you didn't I'm even happier. >:D