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I would love to watch. But I'll be camped out for the midnight release instead.

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@Cyrisaurus said:

Hopefully it's light on the RPG elements.

Never say that again. Ever.

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@Aishan said:

Good write up Rorie. I'm equally eagerly awaiting and dreading the arrival of my copy in the mail tomorrow. As a 360 player I never had a chance to play Demon's Souls, but I am more than aware of it's reputation through both the original Giant Bomb Quick Look and some "Let's Play" footage I watched some months back.

The Quick Look you did for Dark Souls last week really piqued my interest, and that little chat with you had with Kessler confirmed my decision. I'm in the mood for something challenging right now, and although I don't really agree with some of the design decisions, mainly the obfuscation of game mechanics, it definitely seems like a game worth my time.

At least until Skyrim gets here.

This, exactly this,

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@Buckfitches said:


Now everyone can move on from Team Fortress 2, thank god.

You act as if TF2 is a bad thing.
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I'm so confused already. Which game is which? Where am I? Am I getting sued? Where's my pie? I need an adult....
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This series was in no need of a reboot, and I still can't get into the new look of Dante. He reminds me of same chav punk, not a demon hunter for hire.

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@Tennmuerti said:
" Radiant AI - hyped up with every Elder Scrols release and never delivers

good read tho :)

PS: oh and Todd Howard is a slimeball and has been known to talk false shit and overpromise for marketing hype. "
I think you have him confused with a certain someone from Lionhead, sorry.
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MDK2, Jet Grind Radio, Seaman, ChuChu Rocket, Power Stone, Rez, Shenmu, Skies of Arcadia, Typing of the Dead, Sonic Adventure 2, Fatal Fury.... there's a good handful of games that would be suitable of a disk like this.
Sega is crazy as tits for avoiding all of these games.

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Not sure why all the Funcom hate. Anarchy Online was an amazing MMO for the first 6 years. Age of Conan isn't THAT bad either; especially since the overhauled update/expansion-pack, in which it's become a great MMO.
Only issue is that that bane WoW, no matter how much hand-holding they add to that game, people flock to it like sheep. If that game could get knocked off its undeserved throne, perhaps other MMOs would finally have a chance. At least, that's my opinion.
With that said, TSW looks great, but chances are it won't do that great simply because of the lack of people willing to change MMos.