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@LiquidPrince said:
 3. Default male Shepard is the way to go
Default male Shepard sucks. Female Shepard was my first choice. Imported from Mass Effect 1, of course :p
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I've played both Indiana Jones' graphic adventures more than 6 times. Now I'm playing again FATE OF ATLANTIS on SCUMMVM :) 
By the way, I always replay a lot all the Bioware games  because of seeing all the endings :)

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Waiting for a downloadable free trial for this one :)

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I love almost all the soundtrack I've heard on fights in FFXIII. And the voice of this guy is also amazing. Quite frightening, uh?

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PVE for the win! I always prefer that way but...FPS are different. And more if the multiplayer is from a Call of Duty videogame :D

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Yes, I know. Baldanders is only the name of this boss in the spanish version. You may know him as Barthandelus. I've just kicked his *** after more than 6 unsuccessful tries. It's was an easy fight at the end...of course, it's easy when you know what to do and when to do it. It was just the first big boss of the bunch of big bosses I expect on this game. I've needed to go back to farm some monsters and improve my group after beating this boss, by the way. I think I got to him too early, having my main characters nearly 1000 HP, too low for this guy.