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I've been following Ian Bogost for about 2 years on Twitter and still have no idea who the hell he is.

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@superjoe said:

"Historically-accurate models of Jerusalem and Damascus....Leap of Faith into a bale of hay....break line of sight....Wailing Wall...." I'll always associate Jade Raymond with these soundbites circa 2007.

*Lonely Soul playing in the background*

Every now and then I go back and watch that trailer. Good shit.

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@darkvare said:

i like that the logo is kinda like dooms

On the Playstation TV UPF with Jeff/Dan the question of "How many games have aped the Doom box art?" came up. Probably warrants its own concept page.

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J - eff Green

W - ill Smith

V - inny Caravella

D - ave Snider

JWVD = JCVD = Jean-Claude Van Dam

Chem trails man, chem trails.

Man, seeing old JVCD is depressing. He looks like John Hurt now.

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It came out 3 days ago. They're 2 small teams (now). There's enough people on staff crazy enough to play an esoteric homage to Wizardry games (seems like something Vinny'd do). It'll at least be on a UPF or something.

If not, there's tons of footage on Youtube. They have to make calls on what to cover.

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That motherboard costs 335 bucks on Newegg. Tell your son not to be a wasteful idiot. Tell him to look up and, because he obviously isn't up to the task himself.

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Not a fan of this "senseless" violence. This is the game they'd create for a Fox News bit about violent video games. Hotline Miami falls into this category, but there's some justification for the actions, as well as the somewhat parodic style it brings to the game. This is just stupid, much like Postal (as someone mentioned). This is like those Columbine games/mods; insensitive and of little substance.

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What is the goal of such an aggressive title? To draw attention?

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I watch movies I don't really care about on Netflix or torrents.

Movies that hold a place in my heart I buy for posterity.

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Goodbye, @franticrain, we hardly knew ye.

I hope you realize that you're falling into the well-studied phenomenon of statistical blindness (or something equally fancy sounding) in which you believe that if you throw yourself against this Taco Bell wall long and hard enough, the odds will improve for you. You'll probably spend a PS4's worth on Taco Bell (and several PS4's worth on doctor's visits) and never get it.

tl;dr post your obit when you die