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I'm curious on how this will affect future console releases; I can't imagine this will actually affect Xbox 360 sales too much.

Could gaming be going the phone route, where you can spend extra for no-contract, or pay less for a subsidized model?

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I've got it pretty simply set.

The Avengers is the best comic book movie.

The Dark Knight is the best movie with comic book characters.

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I took advantage of the eBay Daily Deal from last week, picking up the PlayStation 3D Display (with Uncharted 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, and Killzone 3). After flipping Killzone 3 on eBay (and selling my current TV), it turned out to not be a bad deal for my desktop TV. I'm watching Young Justice: Invasion on it as I type.

Problem is two-fold; it obviously doesn't come with a remote, so I'm looking at passing off my current PS3 remote and upgrading to the new one. How's that work with the 3D Display?

Likewise, I've also been looking at the Dreamgear Trimount; does it fit the TV? The front cover looks like it'd actually block off part of the screen.