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The bad severely outnumbers the good 1

ProsCombat is fun when not ruined by camera Cutscenes are well presented ConsCamera is terrible Levelling up system is bad Story is uninteresting The same death animation over and over again gets really old Could be a better health system, die way to much Character voices are mediocre at best Bosses aren't fun at all PresentationCutscenes are presented very well. The camera is absolutely terrible. Menus could be better sorted. 2/5GraphicsCharacter models are pretty good, aswell as the environm...

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A fun, and funny, game to play 0

ProsGreat jokes, humorous take on war First battlefield with a good story Great level design Graphics and sound = epic win Online is still very fun ConsCould be many more online modes and maps PresentationCutscenes look great. Menus work well.4/5GraphicsExplosions and desturction look amazing. Character models are fantastic. Textures are nice and detailed.4.5/5GameplayFun as hell to play and blow stuff up. Good weapons and health system that fit the game. Great level design that sticks to the ...

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Stunning 0

ProsIncredible story with some very unexpected twists Innovative weapons Amazing world design Enemies are also designed very well Feels like a real place, as if its alive ConsSometimes rare autosave points will force you to save manually Sometimes felt like there should have been more ammo provided for me or more ammo locations PresentationEverything is done very well from the cutscenes to the animation and everything else.5/5GraphicsAbsolutely incredible. The water looks amazing. Character mo...

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Amazing [Note: Team Fortress not included in this review] 0

ProsIncredible value Portal = incredibly revolutionary puzzle game Story is one of the best ive ever seen in a game (Half-Life 2) Character emotion is stunning Mission design is fun Variety of enemies are great Awesome ending ConsThis game made me try and think of  cons for it for 5 minutes when really there is none PresentationCutscenes, level of emotion, level design, everything is top notch.5/5GraphicsPortal - Great for just a puzzle game.Half-Life 2 - Could be better but still well done. 4...

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Fun, but gets old fast 0

ProsGreat artistic graphics Fun and first Great animations of the animals Good variety of things to put in garden Creative (and funny) pinata names, and looks Sounds of the pinatas, and background noise are good ConsGets old very fast.  Can become more complicated than it should be when its a game aimed towards kids.  PresentationCamera and navigation works well. 3.5/5GraphicsArtistic design is great. Could be slightly more details but still great.3.5/5GameplayFound it amazingly fu...

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Many problems..but undeniably fun 0

Pros:Almost completely destructable environments is fun Huge map Fun missions Neat ideas (i.e. Hijack helicopter, tanks, etc) ConsSome of the worst vehicle engine sounds i've ever heard in a game. Dialogue is very repetitive and annoying Draw distance is quite bad, worse than GTA Story is uninteresting AI can be very stupid sometimes PresentationGood menus and loading screens. Cutscenes are done pretty decently. Camera angles are good and usually dont get in the way. 3.5/5GraphicsCan look very...

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Doesn't rock as hard as Rock Band. 0

ProsGood song selection..but not as good as Rock Band. Good online and matchtypes...but not as good as Rock Band. The more challenging music game (in the Guitar category obviously) ConsDLC fails Graphics and animation need serious help No customizable characters PresentationMenus look great. Presentation of the band could have been much better. Often the singing doesnt match the singers lips well, and the drummer is like a robot. 3/5GraphicsDecent for a music game, but not as good as Rock Band...

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The conclusion to the Halo trilogy 0

ProsForge editor is fantastic, adds much replay value. The theater is also another great new feature, very well done. Good customization for characters online. Most of the single player is a blast and the co-op is excellent. ConsCampaign could be much longer. Graphics are slightly disappointing PresentationMenus look great. Very well presented cut scenes and ending to the game. Online matchmaking is fantastic.5/5GraphicsGreat in some areas, mediocre in others. Overall the graphics aren't out...

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Takes very well advantage of the 360 hardware 0

ProsCar damage is done very well Excellent amount of cars and tracks Online is fun and adds to replay value Car customization is excellent and also adds to replay value Buying cars, etc online works well  Taking screenshots feature works great ConsOnline can be quite laggy PresentationMenus work great. No cut scenes or anything like that.3/5GraphicsCar models are pretty good, as well as the environments and race tracks. 3.5/5GameplayProbably the best racing sim i've ever played. Very realistic...

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One of the best RPG's i've ever played 0

ProsAmazing story Great side quests, add to the already good length of the game Good customization of the character and what type of person you are Amazing graphics and environments Excellent system of choosing what you want to say ConsFramerate and texture load-in issues PresentationVery well presented cut scenes.4/5GraphicsAmazing. Excellent character models, environments, weapons, art, and everything else. 5/5GameplayFun and intriguing. The game certainly brings you into the story much mo...

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Revolutionary in modern warfare games 0

ProsAmazing graphics and environments Incredible online setup Great weapons with tons of attachments Awesome story with a great ending Finally stopped all the WWII shooters Arcade mode is fun ConsStory is very short No co-op PresentationIntro and cutscenes are done very well. Single player and online menus are also great. 4/5GraphicsOverall, great. Environments look great. Weapons are detailed, and the explosions look fantastic. Character models look realistic and detailed.5/5GameplayOne of...

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WWE SVR is back...and featuring ECW! 0

ProsStill fun to play as a WWE fan as all other WWE games are Huge amount of match types as their always has been ConsBad story, isn't nearly as good as previous games Still bad clipping and animation issues PresentationMenus are done very well, aswell as the entrances for most characters. Cut scenes before matches get VERY repetitive. 3.5/5GraphicsAn improvement, although they could have been much better. Improving at a snails pace from previous games. 3/5GameplayVery fun to play as a WWE fan...

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Sam Fisher is back for the next-gen 0

ProsVery nice stealth feel to it. Sometimes will feel as if i'm inside Sam's body actually doing this. Fun online adds to replay value Good graphics and environments ConsUninteresting story Don't like the idea of the trust system, could have implemented some other way to keep you being stealthy. Really nothing screams out "AMAZING!!" from this game to me. Couldn't find anything that made it unique or in some way much better than any other game i've played. Overall has a very average feel to it...

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First defining game of Xbox 360 platform 0

ProsAmazing graphics, still beat out a lot of games today Awesome weapons, enemies, and environments..Quite unique Great online, requires team work or you'll get your ass kicked. Very nice maps, and plenty of them to play. Also plenty of fun and unique game modes Good storyline. Not one of the best next-gen storylines, but good. ConsLike many other shooters, campaign could be longer. Could use a better matchmaking system, on a lot of occasions you will find yourself and your teammates getting...

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Best Music Game Ever 0

ProsFirst music game ever with drums, which are a blast to play Great soundtrack and an insane amount of DLC Very fun to play as a band both in real life and online The other multiplayer aspects such as the battles are also great fun Awesome character customization, which can be used online Great character animation including the drummer, the overall mood of the performance seems to go a lot better with the song than Guitar Hero 3 ConsDrums are very loud to play PresentationMenu's are great, t...

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Fun and Addictive 0

ProsLevel up of different abilities works great Finding orbs is very fun, have spent 5+ hours on multiple occasions just doing that Great sandbox graphics and explosions Good soundtrack, fits the game Co-op is excellent, can be very fun with a friend Very fun to fool around in the city ConsStory isn't interesting at all. Clean up the city of all the gangs. The commentators voice can get very annoying, as well as some of the gangs voice acting. PresentationGood main menu and start menu. No cut ...

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A Masterpiece 0

Pros:Just as fun as GTA has always been. A true next-gen jump from a previous gen game. Everything feels much more alive and real than in past GTA games. Everything from the variety in traffic, to the lighting, to the relationships. Euphoria physics engine is incredible, very realistic. Great soundtrack, as their always has been in GTA games. The amount of detail is incredible. Things like the TV shows, internet, and hearing on the radio something about a mission you just did like a robbery or s...

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