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@corevi: Didn't even realize that, I'll have to look into some of his other works. Thanks for the heads up.

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Marathoned some anime last weekend, so here's my brief overview.

Psycho Pass Season 2 was alright. To be fair, it's still pretty good but the first season just set such a high bar on that story. One of the biggest weakness was the lack of meaningful character development. I felt the first season was good about establishing these new characters and how all involved parties are connected to each other. The second season barely fleshed out the new characters, let alone giving any of the existing ones some meaningful investment into the crime. Overall, I'd say that this particular plot line didn't necessitate an entire season. While the premise was interesting, that is the collective entity of people being more criminal than the individuals that form it, it was done a disservice by being portrayed through a string of action/shock scenes rather than through some interesting character profiling. Simply put, they didn't really get all that much done for the amount of time they were telling this story. On a side note, dub remains quality.

Second on deck was Steins;Gate. I'm going to go ahead and quarantine this off but if you haven't seen this show I'd recommend giving it a try.

Man, this show. I'm having a hard time even putting into words the roller coaster of emotions that a jaded grown man should not be capable of feeling. It starts of with an air of mystery, but remains quirky fun time travel story. Sure there's some slightly disturbing undertones with how time travel effects memories and how the conspiracy stuff with SERN is actually true, but it's all eclipsed by the good time these characters are having with each other. Then there's episode 11 or 12, literally half way through, and it gets dark a shit. Here's a recap of the shit that was totally depressing.

  • Having to watch your best friend die over and over again and there is nothing you can do about it.
  • No one can remember the shit you have been through except you, you have memories and bonds with that effectively don't exist anymore.
  • You let your friends use time travel to get their greatest desire in life. You now have have to convince them to undo that choice.
  • Because of your own selfish desires, although with good intentions, you drive a friend to commit suicide.
  • You cause a single father of an eight year old to commit suicide.
  • After having forced everyone to give up their personal desires, you now realize you have to choose between your lifelong friend and your lover.
  • The realization of how psychologically traumatic it has been to see your friend die so many times, to the point where you have become a desensitized husk.

So yeah, Okabe went through some shit. I'm paraphrasing here but to see this all play out was suuuuper depressing. Literally on the verge of tears for most of the second half of this series. This story particularly hit home with me because of a family history with Alzheimer's. The concept of people not remembering good times with close friends when you can absolutely destroyed me at times. Suzuha, for example, had an entire arc of her connecting with the lab team effectively erased from their memories. I also love/hate how the movie went into this idea as well, but even more dire since no one could remember when Okabe phased out of existence. I could probably go on and on but I'll leave off saying this is definitely one of my favorite series.

Third was Madoka Magica. Going to spoiler block off this one as well since the progression of the plot is what makes it so meaningful. I'd give this a hearty recommendation as well. Also, don't be turned off by the school girl setting. It's a small part of why this series is so great. I should also mention that I make a comparison between this and Steins;Gate, so feel free to not read if you have not watched that yet.

Nothing like a double dose of depression back to back. I knew going into this that it was going to take a dark turn (After being recommended to it from the SuperBestFriendcast), but I didn't anticipate how dark it would get. The bait and switch of the intro, portraying the girls having good times with each other, was a nice touch that threw me off. Then, like two episodes in, one of those girls straight up dies. The contrast of the innocence of youth and hard ass life and death decisions makes for a depressing combination. As if to make it even fucking worse, it pulls off a Stein;Gate at the end but with Madoka rather than Mayuri. Hell it's even worse since Homura couldn't even save her in the end. No matter what she did, Madoka scarified herself to protect her and humanity. Then, to top it off, no one the world even remembers her. I'm focusing on the ending here but the progression to this point was no less depressing. The core concept of sacrificing for something you desire is a constant throughout the series. Be it friendship, health, love, or whatever, its these hard choices backfiring in the worst ways possible (and being helpless to stop it) that make for a really compelling plot. I'm currently rebuilding the testosterone lost by this saga of depression but I'll work my way around to the third movie sooner or later. Fighting back the tears is hard enough as it is.

Last, but not least, is I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying. A 12 episode series of 3 minute shorts makes for a good time. Damn it, can't I watch anything without holding back tears? To be fair, it was the happy kind and my emotional immune system was already weakened by the previous two.

So, that consumed my weekend + a few extra days. Overall though, I'd say I made some great choices. Also, open to recommendations on where to go from here.

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Here's the CG Trailer + Gameplay that has popped up on youtube so far. Definitely getting a TF2 vibe but way more fast paced and mobile. Also props once more to the Blizzard CG department, could pass that off as a Pixar movie.

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You could always convert the binary to Hexadecimal. It would take up a fourth of the space and still be robot related. Just would be as obvious to those who don't know hex.

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I understand the ledge thing, but I can't really agree with the Distance->Random change. It feels like Bungie expected their raid to be much harder/time consuming and are now trying to compensate but way too late. It looks like they are learning the MMO lesson of, "Mothafuckas are crazy and are going to finish that five minutes after you put it out." At a certain point they should just go next door, knock on Blizzard's door and ask how the hell they do it. They've managed to make raids super accessible with LFR, while at the same time having heroic modes that are super challenging for both mechanics and raw gear checks. Speaking of LFR, Bungie should totally have one of those systems in game. WoW can do it with 25, beyond the time it takes to implement there should be no reason they can't match 6 people together.

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If you take Northern Ireland, swap around the two words, take out the 'rthern' and 'eland' parts, swap around the 'N' and 'o', and put that all together and you get Iron. Northern Ireland is also known for the Armagh Planetarium. Planetariums allow you to view space, which contain galaxies. Iron Galaxy.

Dave Lang's job title is CEO, or Chief Executive Officer. George Hamilton is also a chief, and constable effectively means officer in the United States. Merriam Webster defines executive as "a : of or relating to the execution of the laws and the conduct of public and national affairs".

Dear god, it all makes sense.

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Here is some evidence that it is probably our beloved Will Smith.

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On line 5 is says 'peaked my interest' but I think what you mean is 'piqued'. That's the word from the saying anyway, even though they sound identical.

Critically, a lot of the dialogue is just describing the action that's about the occur which you should tend to avoid, because you'll describe it outside of the dialogue anyway. You should replace it with motivations and back story!

To be fair, dialog describing the action that's about to occur/is occurring is like half of JoJo's writing style.

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3.141592653589, so 12 then. Pretty sure this was how many digits I could squeeze out of my TI-84 by using subtraction to see the smaller decimal numbers.

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Getting way more of an Origins than a 2 vibe, which is great in my book. Also glad to see they're putting some work into the tactical view especially since the game seems to move so much faster. Here's hoping this slice is representative of the game outside of the dialog stuff.