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I mostly just bought it because the graphics look impressive. And they really do! The forest looks amazing. Just wondering around is a lot of fun. However I never really got into the survival gameplay. My plan was to head for the beach directly after spawning. But every time the monsters discovered the spot i chose for my base after just a couple of minutes. I dont know if it is a bug or whether im doing something wrong, but I never was able to play more than 5 minutes without being surrounded by monsters...So this part of the game clearly is far from being finished..but hey thats what you got when playing an alpha. Considering that i thing it is worth buying now if you are into the setting. Just dont expect a working game.

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I live in Europe and got both consoles pre ordered. So I'll just sit and wait what happens during the PS4 launch in the US :D.

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Even if I just "knew" Ryan from the podcast and Quick Looks it makes me incredibly sad. However, we can all be glad that in any way, shape or form Ryan was part of our lives and always will be. He really was a special person. Rest in peace Ryan.

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oh no :(. I'm sad to here that. But thanks.

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Hi folks,

somehow although I'am a PS Plus subscriber Zero Escape is not showing up as a free game in my PSN Store. It's stil 34,99 Euros! Did someone else encounter the same problem? By the way I live in Germany. Are there some known reasons for it not being free in Germany? Any help would be appreciated.

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about time! But still, 500 euros is too much. Get rid of Kinect and i'll preorder immediately.

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Seems I'm one of the few people using LMGs:

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