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Looks kinda like bleached PS Vita. Wonder if Sony could bake in similar features/support between their new handheld and the PS3?

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Sorry if this has already been posted:


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The recent unveiling of the new 3DS from Nintendo has left me a with a bit of a puzzle: should I buy it when it comes out (assuming it lists for a reasonable price) or not?  The game catalog introduced with the device was pretty impressive to be sure, and by all accounts the 3D effect lives up to the promise, however, I am finding my pockets too cluttered lately.  I have an old cell phone, which is due to be replaced by one of those shiny new smart phones (Android, iOS, or WebOS I have yet to decide). I also already own a PSP that I use on a regular basis. To add a 3DS into the mix would require lugging around another (albeit small) device. While the combo of a smartphone and a PSP covers me from a both  'connected' and 'gamer' ends (with significant crossover too) I don't thing I can resist adding the 3DS to my daily luggage.  Why would I deprive myself of all the fun to be had with it, right? (Not to mention - IT TAKES 3D PICTURES!)

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Great coverage so far guys

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Interested in hearing more

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@m1k3: Just to clarify - the broken controller bit would be used in conjunction with the motion controller, which you describe above, to add to it an analogue control for movement in addition to the motion-tracking etc. (i.e. moving you character while using the motion controller to aim).
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When all the info about a Playstation controller that you could split apart was circling a while ago, I had to wonder what the point of such a device could be. (There was the patent for the break apart one that featured one half that looked like the current motion controller - fair enough - I can see the point in that.)  Then, after seeing the footage of RE5 being played with a PS3 motion controller in one hand and a DualShock in the other, it all made sense (at least to me). Breaking apart the controller would allow one half to be used just like the Wii's nunchuck attachment. Perhaps.  Maybe.  Someday. Or not.

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I just picked up Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Limited edition (an aside: how limited can it be if it is available brand new, in store, more than a year after launch?)  for $19.83.  Prior to this, in July, EB games was selling the same product for $9.89. At either of these prices the game you get is an amazing value.  But the question is why is the game available for so cheap?  I understand that is what happens with games, there is a big spash when the come out and then a long, usually insignificant tail of sales. The publishers/retailers try to get the most of the title by cutting its price in an attempt to move units and eventually it makes its way from the wall shelves to the discount bins.  That is the way things work. Unless of course you look at some Nintendo titles - in particular the Mario Kart series which continue to sell well month after month.  It seems as the new Nintendo console buyers are recruited each month a large percentage of them pick up certain titles almost by default and as such the games continue to sell at or near their  introduced price.  Why has that not translated to other consoles.  Both the 360 and the PS3 add new gamers each month.  Why, if you by a PS3 for example, do you not  automatically pick up a copy of MGS4?  Does it have to do with limited mass appeal of certain genres?  Or does it say something more about the difference between those that own a PS3 or 360 and those that own a Wii?  The only title that I can think of that has been close to an 'Evergreen' title for the more graphically endowed current-gen systems is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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Brilliant 8-bit syled video made using Lego.  EDIT: *Crap didn't realize it has already been posted*