Thanks for everything, Ryan Davis

The everlasting affection a person can have on you doesn't always come from a physical interaction with that person. Today I finally learned that and I wish I hadn't, at least not this way. Today, like many others, was spent trying to fathom a turmoil of emotions. Laughter and tears consumed my day, but mostly there were tears. I was ten when my grandfather passed away, and when I was told of his death I remember instantly feeling destroyed and completely unable to say a single word, instead I just cried. I couldn't fathom the concept of death, I just knew that I would never hear my grandfather whistle ever again. Since then, life has continued and many more family members have passed away. And perhaps age has a great deal to do with it, but I never once cried in response to a family member's passing since then, close or otherwise. I've felt a faint sadness, and understood the void that that person has left behind, but never more. Reading forum posts and such, I realize that I'm not the only one with such confusion over my feelings. Such is the profound impact that Giant Bomb has on the gaming industry and more so on their fans. A longing sadness filled my day like no other and it was for a man whom I have never even met. That a person can have that strong of an impact on the lives of complete strangers is undoubtedly a phenomenal achievement in life and should be admired.

My introduction to the Giant Bomb crew was in the 2008 Game of the Year podcast. Everyone was loud, unapologetic, and unable to articulate at certain times. I felt right at home.

Like many others I never had the pleasure to meet Ryan Davis and yet I felt like these people were more than my family, I consider them friends. Silly as it may sound to outsiders, but Giant Bomb has become a part of my life.

Ryan Davis had a roar that could make a grizzly bear tremble and a giggle that could warm the hearts of even the moodiest. There was never a time since my introduction to GB that Ryan Davis couldn't make me laugh and allow me to forget all my problems. He was an incredible human being and of tremendous importance to countless people. I just wish I could have told him that.

Good night, Summerjam King, you will never be forgotten.

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