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Man, that's absolutely wonderful. I'm a big fan of Fraction's Hawkeye run, myself. I'm currently taking classes on creating comics as a writer, though I've been playing around with my own art, done more in line with the whimsical, simplistic style of "Persepolis."

I wish you the best of luck!

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Just got mine. Super big thanks for doing this, Fobwashed!

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Congrats Vinny!

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Pre-loads start two days in advance it seems. I pre-ordered the game as well and it's already fully downloaded on to the system, so it should be theoretically unlocked at midnight Tuesday (first time I do it as well).

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Good luck with your future endeavors, John Drake! I always greatly enjoy your appearances with the GB crew.

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I thought you guys all did a brilliant job. No complaints here.

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I wore contacts for eight years till I finally gave up on them. Too much of a hassle. Not necessarily with inserting them and removing them on a daily basis, but more so in that for me at least, eye lashes and wind and whatnot would occasionally find themselves in my eyes and cause them to itch, thus having to remove my contacts in unfortunate scenarios. But that's just me, I have strange eyes. I have a couple pairs of glasses now that I actually like to wear and it sure beats the hassle.

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I wish you the best of luck, Vinny! I'm very excited (and slightly terrified) for the future of the website. But I have complete trust in what you guys do, and I'm sure the changes are only for the better. As long as we get to hear and see your lovely face every week, we'll all be happy! Good luck!

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Chicago, IL, USA