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Bladedancer's invisibility is priceless for survivability in PVE, but not very useful in PVP. I can solo nightfalls with my bladedancer, not with my warlock though... All in all, I think classes are surprisingly well balanced, it just takes a while to really know how to take advantage of the varying abilities and feel comfortable with them.

I wonder how many people just prefer their first class, assuming it's the one they played the most, and that being the reason for their preference...

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@zevvion: En garde!

At least you have to admit that the western setting was well realised and rather unique? Naming exactly what/why you like/dislike (about) things is difficult, and tastes differ of course. [ < That's a well articulated sentence, right?] After that cinematic entry into Mexico, the middle part was stretching quite a bit too long – as often happens in games. The controls were Rockstar-style janky. Those I'll readily admit to. I don't know, just that I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and story. But I won't hijack any further!

This thread is treading on some thin cosmic ice, first the time paradox, then the video I embedded showed up in another post and a thunder storm started!? Brace yourselves for the end is nigh!

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The most justified hype train I've been on must have been Red Dead Redemption, I even bought a magazine that had it on the cover - still can't imagine what I was thinking! That game exceeded my high expectations. The riding into Mexico:

Oh man! Good times.

The last justified one was probably with The Last of Us. I think I'm too good at riding hype trains - my expectations are often excessive.

Also: Time Paradox!

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@zevvion Yes, yesterday didn't pan out. I'm in Europe (GMT+1). I would be able to run it tonight, I know one more who might be interested in doing the raid. But scheduling this stuff is not easy! Feel free to add me (Batavist). One more is one closer to infinity I guess, you never know with these abstract terms ;)

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Anyone up for the raid? Looking to start at 19h GMT. PSN is Batavist. If you can add me and reply here, that would be great! So far one other Lincoln member confirmed. Cheers!

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Still figuring Destiny out, bought the ps4 bundle today! Would be cool to have some duders in a fireteam. In the EU...

PSN: Batavist

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WTF, now I hate FB even more.

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@sterling: Yeah, seems none are really better than the regular weapons, twinkling titanite ones are awesome though, really love whipping with my old whip!

@marz: I'll check out mytha's blade, poison drains life right out of everyone (including me), so that might be fun!

@shaggydude: Met Ornifex: so far still nothing jumps out.

How many petrified bones to fully upgrade a weapon?

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The Petrified Dragon Bones seem rather scarce, and I'm really not sure what weapon can become powerful, I like the twinblade but it seems quite weak compared to my bastard sword & claymore (I am a quality build 30 STR and 27 DEX right now, negligible INT for magic scaling).

So, any boss weapons that are worthwhile to put Dragon Bones in, any recommendations?

(btw really liking the Red Rust Scimitar bought from Vengarl!)