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WTF, now I hate FB even more.

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@sterling: Yeah, seems none are really better than the regular weapons, twinkling titanite ones are awesome though, really love whipping with my old whip!

@marz: I'll check out mytha's blade, poison drains life right out of everyone (including me), so that might be fun!

@shaggydude: Met Ornifex: so far still nothing jumps out.

How many petrified bones to fully upgrade a weapon?

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The Petrified Dragon Bones seem rather scarce, and I'm really not sure what weapon can become powerful, I like the twinblade but it seems quite weak compared to my bastard sword & claymore (I am a quality build 30 STR and 27 DEX right now, negligible INT for magic scaling).

So, any boss weapons that are worthwhile to put Dragon Bones in, any recommendations?

(btw really liking the Red Rust Scimitar bought from Vengarl!)

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Been getting the same "500: internal server error" whenever I try searching through the search box of the forums on the right here.

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PS4: blue skies await

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@studsmckewl: Here you go, my pleasure. But euhm, no need for love long-lasting lest it be long-distance...

Also, as you can see it is slightly less tilt and smaller type, but all the more lovely.

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@humanity: I agree, text is better smaller. About the transitions: actually the photo is a 100% crop from a nasa picture (view form the ISS), I can't take any credit for that outside of recognising it ;)

@evo: Will not lose! Horizontal would be dull and boring, less would be better though.

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Felt inspired. Small tribute to Solaire of Astora & Dark Souls in general. Feel free to use...

EDIT: This is 1680x1050. If anyone wants I'm willing to upload different sizes...

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Trine 2, I played the first one with my girlfriend, only the second seems out on 360, and she really liked it, previously the only thing that she could get into was Little Big Planet.

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@JoeyRavn said:

@Titus said:

I hate to be that guy, but isn't it supposed to be effect?

"Affect" is "to have a bearing or influence in something". Like, for example, "The flooding in Asia have affected the production of HDDs". That means that there were some floodings in Asia and that changed the situation of the production of HDDs. Or, if you want, "the price of a game may affect its review score".

"Effect", on the other hand, as a verb, means simply "to cause". "The moderators effected stricter rules in the forums". That means that the moderators enforced new laws in the forums.

So, yeah. Not only you're that guy, you're also wrong.

Nah, Titus is correct. "It affects the review" means it has an effect on the review score. By the way Joey, your examples have "affect" as a verb, but in the title it is used as a noun ("has an affect on", not "affect the scores"). Also: "The flooding in Asia has affected the production of HDDs." or "The floodings in Asia have affected the production of HDDs."

Guess we're all those guys, I couldn't let a philology student get away with this ;)

On topic: I kinda agree with Cameron. It should be part of the consideration, although I believe it to be more important than delivery system or platform. In fact I believe expectations of downloadable games (obviously excluding full retail downloadable games) are just generally lower exactly because of their lower price.

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