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Hey guys, I hit 80 not too long ago and have no-one to play with! I haven't been on giantbomb for a long -ass while, same as Gw2 for a stretch of time, but I blame real life like university and such things! But the rush is over now! And I intend on changing that :)
I have yet to do the last Story mission, (I would say it but it might be a spoiler?) I play with my friend and we cannot 2-man it! :'(
I'm on a mission to do 100% map completion too, I'm only on 48% so I'll be on a fair bit :) I'm on a hunt for Kudzu... but that's a long way coming!
I'm actually on yak's bend server because of giant bomb... mainly my main man @wunder_ ;) who I have still yet to play with ! and there's a few other duders I follow in guild wars 2... But their names/giantbomb usernames escape my mind currently.

an invite would be awesome! Omgtumbleweed.2835

Also, I don't like turkey sandwiches. I like turkey turkey turkey sandwiches.

Thanks :D

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@Rudyftw: Thank you very much :)

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@xdaknightx69: Not really, but they kinda control the tax and stuff...

and the link is fixed now hopefully, not sure why it didn't work before.

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Hello there. It's been a while hasn't it?

If anyone from the UK would like to sign a petition for a good cause :) I believe this is one! It's pretty much self-explanatory if you click on the link. As a lot of people, like myself, are studying/dreaming/aiming to crack into the gaming industry over here in our little island of tea and top hats, this is possibly the only place where we can start. I'm at university myself, trying to get my dream job in said industry. As I said, if you would be kind enough to look, and even kinder to sign it. I would be very grateful, as you wouldn't be just doing it for me, but yourself too if you are indeed one of the people listed previously. Or even if you just love games, and if you think we British people create crap games, well you know where the little red X is, (top right if you've forgotten).

Thank you for reading!

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Nuff said. 
*I like Italian men.*

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"  If only  Space Invaders had better single-player, it could be as big as  Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic!"

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What? I like Italians.

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  • Darkly Dreaming Dexter
  • The Dante club
  • Men of the otherworld
  • Legend of Sleepy Hollow (For the millionth time)
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Voted for you :)

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Women should dress for themselves.