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Here's my video. I saved exactly one "WHEEEEOWWW" for Doctor Tracksuit's entrance.


Thanks to Harmonix for the fantastic seat that allowed me to get this video. I just wish that I had gotten more. I'll have battery backups next time. :D

Any other audience videos out there?

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Kidding, kidding.  I know who HK-47 is.  I just thought that it was amusing that this was another Google result for that name.  It actually does bring that sort of thing to mind when you first hear HK-47.
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@blacklabeldomm: But I don't want to sound human!  Robots are superior!
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Yes, I am a robot.

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Greetings GiantBomb!

I'm starting a podcast on PC gaming and to promote it I'm giving away a PC game every day this month to listeners. I'm also having a contest to win a copy of Fallout: New Vegas on Dec. 30th. I wanted to ask if anyone has any suggestions or would mind helping me get the word out. If you don't like the podcast, then thanks for listening anyway, and please send me your criticism.

Thank you in advance.

Link: PC Gaming is DEAD! Podcast

Video podcast: 
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Here's another post, wherein I shovel through all the shovelware on sale on GamersGate in order to pick out the deals someone might be interested in:  
Some highlights include:  
Alpha Protocol - $7.49
Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY - $10.19 
Deus Ex Collection - $4.99  
Eufloria - $7.99
Evil Genius - $3.98 
Torchlight - $4.99 
Tropico 3 - $4.99 
World of Goo - $2.49 
X Superbox - $15.99 
Zombie Driver - $4.97 
There are some other games on there for under $5 as well.  Some of their titles are so bad that I'm tempted to try them for a laugh. 
 Today's Steam sale was just posted.  I've reviewed five of the games (Altitude, DogFighter, Lead and Gold, Plain Sight, and Trine), so if you're unsure about them, take a look.

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I'm putting together a big list of Cyber Monday deals on PC games on my blog. 
Part 1 with GameStop (and O'Reilly books):  
Part 2 with Amazon and BestBuy: 
 FYI, I used Amazon affiliate links, and interestingly the price is lower on a few of those than the price listed on their main page. 
Also, I've been covering Steam every day:  
These prices are good through 10 am PST.  If Steam has more sales today, I'll do a new post on that.
And here's something on D2D's promotions:     
Also, I'm watching D2D, GOG, etc., to see if they have any special sales.

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@Vodun: I don't look at G4 much, but I remember watching a video where one of their commentators talked about what BS he thought Metacritic's 100 point score system was, and some of what you said about how reviewers are forced to adapt to it.  Anyway, it's good to know that people actually paid to do reviews professionally also agree with this, although they still have to adhere to the system anyway.  I understand that numbers are useful for a quick way to see whether the review is going to be favorable or not, but I'm disappointed with the heavy reliance upon scores, and how some reviewers assign a number to everything.  Some visitors to my site have asked me why I don't score graphics and sound on a numerical scale, and that's what caused me to really think about what utter nonsense that seemed to be.  Additionally, I was forced to give something a 1-10 score along with one liners about its pros/cons/"WTF" moments in order to get a review posted on another site.  I felt like I was selling games short by summarizing reviews with just those four things.  But, I can't force anyone to actually read the review anyway.  I just hope that most readers know better than to think that's an adequate way to summarize a game  -- and it seems like they do.
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