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I think is wife will be dead when they get to her or they will get to her and then she will get killed. 

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I'm new there would be knew stuff, but I didn't expect all this... Also,  they say there is more content they are not talking about yet. Man! I want this game now. LOL!

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I would have to wait until I play gears 3 to answer this question, so I can see how the whole story plays out.

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On big games like this that I really want... I always go Limited

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I wouldn't call it gamespot 2.0, because of the all the different features they have. Now with the staff...... Most of the best from gamespot is here. Now I say most because this site is great, but would be superb if it also had Brian Ekberg and Ryan Mcdonald 

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Dax Riggs

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Mac..... since mac now runs windows you get the best of both worlds

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Colino said:
"I just opened the Luchadeer fan-club way before this topic... don't double topic... >__>
Luchadeer is cool and all, but a fan club................... NO!
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Threads  like this will get it taken away! Great you can swear.... I can express myself without swearing,  so if it was gone not that big of a deal

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Could be servers or it could be that the site is getting hammered... I'm sure it will smooth out soon