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How the hell would Lego Mr. Fantastic work?

I'm a little hurt that Deadpool isn't listed. He's even on the picture.  LONG LIVE DEADPOOL!
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ANyone else notice that Irelia, Udyr, and Master Yi are all featured in this vid?  And Irelia is still OP.     :P

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I'm an electronics engineer!  Surely you can find a place for me.   :) 

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  Because the GB guys like to talk about their computers hooked up in their living rooms and someone, Jeff maybe, said he just got his PC setup and was running XBMC on it for now. 
I want to share FLIRC . I found this little guy while searching for a way to control my HTPC without having to use a mouse or a phone app.   This thing allows you to use your TV remote to control your PC. Just one less remote to worry about having to keep track of.

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I've been listening to the Giantbombcasts and keep hearing one of the guys talking about how he is playing Steam games in big picture mode in the living room, but his computer is in the other room.

Just wondering what he is using to do this. A long HDMI cable through the wall? Maybe his PC and tv are just on different sides of the same wall, or is he using some wireless transmitter and receiver?