Went to my First Thrift Store Today

As an adult, anyway. No, this trip was not influenced by Macklemore. I think.

I do a lot of background acting in North Carolina (you can see me in We're the Millers, Revolution, Under the Dome, etc.), and, as a background actor, you're often expected to bring your own wardrobe. The more options you have, the better. You generally can't have anything too bright or with logos/images, and, in my case, that greatly limits what I can bring. I often have to take my brother's clothes, so I've been slowly building up a new wardrobe for myself, primarily for background work, but also because I've been wanting to change up my style anyway.

Sorry, Giant Bomb Emporium, but your shirts are too flashy.

I read a post on Facebook about one background actor who makes a trip to a thrift store every week or so, limiting themselves to spending $1. That sounded like a great way to quickly build up my new clothing collection, so, for the first time, I dropped by my local shop that I've passed numerous times over the past couple of years. I donated four pairs of pants my brother gave me as the logos were too big for me to wear on set and then went to the back to browse. I came away with two pairs of pants for $1 and a like-new garment bag (along with the two hangers and U.S. Army garrison cap inside) for $3, making for $4 total. Not bad! I've been badly needing a proper garment bag as my clothes would often wrinkle on the two to three-hour drives I often have to take to set, and carrying them around was always a hassle. I suspect I got a better deal because of the pants I donated as she originally wasn't going to charge me for the clothing. I didn't feel right about that and told her to charge me what she thought was fair.

The store also had a PlayStation and PlayStation 2 I briefly considered picking up, but they didn't have any cables or controllers. There were also some older games, like SSX Tricky for the Xbox. As I drove away, I fantasized about what it would have been like to find a fully working Dreamcast and a copy of Shenmue. I wouldn't be writing this right now, that's for sure!

Now that I have my garrison cap, it's time to hit up the Casual Encounters section of Craigslist and pick up women looking for military guys. I should probably shave first, right?

My default Casual Encounters face. Works every time.


Oculus Rift: ParrotCoaster Demo

Take a quick ride with me as I check out Jeff Murray's latest ParrotCoaster demo using the Oculus Rift. Jeff Murray is the owner of PsychicParrot Games, who you may be most familiar with as the makers of Death Ray Manta. Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment, made a #DRMPSVita joke on Twitter when announcing the game was coming to the platform in the midst of the #PS4NoDRM campaign.

Download the latest version of the ParrotCoaster demo here.

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Oculus Rift: Infinite-Realities' 3D Nude Scan of Joceline Brooke-Hamilton

I'm not attaching this to the forums and I'm not embedding the video here, since, despite the fact this isn't porn and is a tasteful pose, it still features a fully nude woman. Not safe for work and all that. Watch it here.

Lee Perry-Smith (director at Infinite-Realities) has released another Oculus Rift demo containing a 3D scan of Joceline Brooke-Hamilton. This time, fully nude, the scan of Joceline is repeated five times, each model featuring a different type of shader. From left to right you have: Polymimetic Alloy (T-1000), Massage Oil! (I called it "Massage Oili" in the video as I couldn't discern the exclamation point with the low-resolution of the Oculus Rift), Powdered Skin, Linear-Polarized, and Metalized.

Download the demo

Here is the first video featuring a different scan of Joceline Brooke-Hamilton in which I go into more detail about the technology and its future possibilities.

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Oculus Rift: Infinite-Realities' 3D Scan of Joceline Brooke-Hamilton

Lee Perry-Smith, director at Infinite-Realities, took a high-quality 3D scan his company did of Joceline Brooke-Hamilton and created a demo in Unity for viewing with the Oculus Rift. I go into detail about his company's work, do a close examination of the 3D model, and talk about the inevitable future that 3D scanning and virtual reality is headed toward. Open Broadcaster Software wasn't allowing me to do a 1080p capture of the demo while using the Oculus Rift, so I included additional footage at the end of me capturing the demo from my monitor (while holding the Oculus Rift in my hand) so you can see just how high-quality the 3D model actually is.

This is the review of Custom Maid 3D and its penis controller I mention in the video.

This is the demo that's felt the most futuristic to me thus far. When first going through it, it felt like I was experiencing this type of tech earlier than I should be. It'll be exciting to see where it goes from here.


Oculus Rift: Tuscany Demo 2.0

It's been a while since I used the Oculus Rift, so to ease myself back into things, I decided to check out the updated Tuscany demo. In the original Tuscany demo video I did, I commented on there not being sound and the water being static. The updated version of the demo addresses these issues, along with adding a lot more to the scenery in general. Butterflies!

I cleaned the lenses of the Rift after this video and was able to get rid of all the specks but one. Hopefully lens cleaner will work on it, or I may have to get a replacement! The difficulty in cleaning the device is something I feel has to be addressed in the consumer version. It's quite frustrating.

Earlier today I recorded the demo I mentioned in this video where I examine a high-quality 3D scan of a virtual woman. I will be uploading that Wednesday evening as I have a fitting in Wilmington to go to in about six hours (I should really be in bed right now). It's the most futuristic thing I've experienced yet, so look forward to that soon!

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Oculus Rift + Razer Hydra: Sixense Tuscany Demo Highlights

This is a highlight reel of my previous video that covered the Sixense Tuscany Demo using the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra. Don't pump up your volume to hear me talk! My audio levels were off and I added subtitles.

And I'm aware that you can't use both hands to grasp an object, but it felt wrong not to do it with the larger ones.

After a small break from the Oculus Rift, I've downloaded some more stuff and plan to make more videos next week. I think my next video will be viewing a virtual sexy lady. I can't wait.


Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra: Sixense Tuscany Demo

This video covers the Sixense Tuscany Demo using the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra. This was the first time I ever properly used the Razer Hydra, and the experience in conjunction with the Rift was incredible. A new thing I learned during this demo is that using a swivel chair is a bad idea; I find myself turning and not facing the base of the Razer Hydra, which explains the issues I was having in the beginning with my hands not matching up with my body. The 12:07 mark is when things really get going.

And, yes, I'm aware that you can't use both hands to grasp an object, but it felt wrong not to do it with the larger ones.

The mic issues have been fixed, as well.

I'm working on set tomorrow, but on Wednesday I will start uploading more Oculus Rift videos. I'm most excited about playing through Half-Life 2, however!

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Oculus Rift: My First Time (Tuscany Demo)

I put on my Oculus Rift for the first time yesterday and came away very impressed. After fiddling with the straps, I managed to get the headset on properly at the 9:10 mark. The first words out of my mouth were, "Holy shit." I then spend the rest of my time in the demo exploring virtual Tuscany and finding the best way to control everything. Watch me look like a crazy person at the 21:18 mark as I try and detect latency in my head movement. I couldn't. While there isn't any interaction in the Oculus World Demo, I had enough fun just walking around and getting used to everything. I found that standing up is a bad idea and walking backwards makes me feel funny. It's exciting how well this thing works and the possibilities of the future. I can't wait to play through Half-Life 2 with it!

I played the Sixense Tuscany Demo with the Razer Hydra today. It blows this away. I'll be uploading that soon!


Unboxing My Oculus Rift

My Oculus Rift and GoPro HERO3: White Edition arrived today. I strapped the latter to my head to do an unboxing video, but seeing as it was my first time trying to use it properly... well, things didn't go so well. You can still hear me talk, though! I am about to use the Oculus Rift for the first time and will be recording everything. Hopefully I'll do a better job in the future trying to cover this thing.

Anything anyone here wants to see in particular? I already have a bunch of demos downloaded and will be streaming games on my Twitch channel soon and posting them on YouTube later, but I'll take requests, as well.

I've been dreaming about this since I was a little kid. Exciting!