Oculus Rift: My First Time (Tuscany Demo)

I put on my Oculus Rift for the first time yesterday and came away very impressed. After fiddling with the straps, I managed to get the headset on properly at the 9:10 mark. The first words out of my mouth were, "Holy shit." I then spend the rest of my time in the demo exploring virtual Tuscany and finding the best way to control everything. Watch me look like a crazy person at the 21:18 mark as I try and detect latency in my head movement. I couldn't. While there isn't any interaction in the Oculus World Demo, I had enough fun just walking around and getting used to everything. I found that standing up is a bad idea and walking backwards makes me feel funny. It's exciting how well this thing works and the possibilities of the future. I can't wait to play through Half-Life 2 with it!

I played the Sixense Tuscany Demo with the Razer Hydra today. It blows this away. I'll be uploading that soon!

Posted by cloudnineboya

can you lock the head movement to the controller, i would love to have this but think the hole head moving would be sickening and confusing.