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Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff
Posted by JCTango

wish i had one :(

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff
@JCTango: I haven't had one for years. I want to buy a new one and play through Shenmue again!
Posted by Little_Socrates

Out of all the consoles, this one might be the closest they got to nailing the line-up. Rez vs. Ikaruga is maybe a hard battle, but this is absolutely definitive.

To be honest, I've not played Shenmue and only a half hour or so of Rez, but I've played TONS of ChuChu Rocket! I adore that game, absolutely.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff
@Little_Socrates: I never played ChuChu Rocket!, but wanted to after seeing the Giant Bomb crew do so.  
All the games were voted on by the public, and due to the nature of the Dreamcast, it was probably easier for people to decide on what should be at the museum. I was really happy to see Shenmue there.