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Hand to hand is the basis of all combat. Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon.

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No, it is *burp* far better than that. If you don't get that, you... you need some mega seed showed up your ass.

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You can't go wrong with FFX - depending on your preference, it is either great or so bad that it is entertaining.

Star Ocean 2 had really nice combat system but really boring story (as far as I remember - and I don't remember that much about it, which probably is due to the rather bland plot).

Not on your list but should be checked out: Breath of Fire 3 or Vagrant Story.

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I just see them going for totally different things and there is no point of comparing the two.

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I'll always go with superior technology, so forks and knifes.

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@colourful_hippie: Wouldn't 2 PCs still be more reliable? Also you really have to have monster of a machine to render high end quality audiovideo in real time (although you can get very good results with low to mid range PC).

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How does the haptic feedback feel?

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@silver-streak: Do you mean watching the video on the youtube? Because there is no option for youtube player if you don't have flash (or [probably] when using site as a free user).

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HTML5 player is unavailable for free users. ("Please use flash of HTML5 video capable browser" - message in Firefox and Chrome.)

Given that Flash has had many security issues, recent one being very severe and only fix for that is to uninstall the flash plugin, site that is video heavy should offer HTML5 option for all users.