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I figured I have watched enough of Deadly Premonition for a tip to be in order, so I bought that with hot trading card money.

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None. OK, I'll take that back - there are lots of 2d games that I would see at higher resolutions. However most of HD-remakes have just rendered games at higher resolution, some times with better FPS and textures. This kind of remake is lazy and I don't want nothing to do with them.

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Two things that rub me the wrong way: the fighting style and her super annoying voice.

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No problemo, gives me more time to shop for new graphics card.

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You could go to see that lake where those teenagers were killed years ago.

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Assasins Creed Revelations, please. (If PC and digital)

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@lil_cheeks: You need NES that can output RCA or RGB (SCART or Nintendo's own multicable that SNES uses) and a compatible capture device that can be used by the streaming application. Nintendo however is pretty shady how they drop features from model to model or from region to region, so be careful about that. For example: EU Gamecubes do not have component out function and it might be that North America never got RGB capable NES consoles.

Or just go with the emulators.

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Too late. Rockstar might as well six prev-gen consoles.