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Red Dead Redemption, I played it for the first time a month ago, I'm going to attribute it to not aging well, but I really didn't like it and the amount of praise it still gets completely baffles me.

Yes, another one! I did not get the RDR either. I love western films so this game should have been fantastic according everything I have heard. But it just felt bad - and even played it trough to see if it gets good and it doesn't. Undead nightmare was enjoyable, so I think my problem with RDR is that it takes itself way too seriously. (I think I have same problem with GTA4 - hated it. Ballad of Gay Tony was good.)

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@alexandersheen said:

This week's podcast was really good.

I was coming here to say the same thing, since I couldn't on the bombcast itself since the comments seem to locked.

I am looking at the comments and wondering how this is unpopular opinion given that most things said about the podcast seem to be positive.

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As person who dislikes anime, the OP's list sound like most terrible thing ever. "Teen romance"? Do you have any idea why people dislike anime?

Why is there no Red line there? That had awesome animation!

Ghost in the Shell? Nice mood and cool cyberpunk stuff.

Akira? Big part of pop-culture.

Queen's Blade? Anime as hell, but with tit and ass shot a-plenty.

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Little late, but I have to add this: playing trough this as solo commando was great. If you are having trouble soloing with other classes, try this - sabre turret rocks!

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Imperial system is nonsense and you should convert fully. Your smart people know this, that is why imperial measurements are defined by metric standards (like for example pound is by definition 0.45359237 kilograms, not 12 rabbit hides or whatever you savages think you base your ”measurements” on).

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I agree. And while we're at it, can we also all agree to call a spade a spade and stop using the word "tactical" as a euphemism for "soul-crushingly boring?"

OK, but only if we are talking about DOTA.

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I already live the Sterling's vision and it is beautiful world, man.

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