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Backwards compatibility is huge deal to me and might persuade me to get X1.

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Yes, like others have said, red priestess is probably going to bring Jon back.

Now to wait a year for an another 8 episode build up for another weak cliffhanger!

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Sacrificing Shireen was handled with competence, unlike rest of the episode. I really hate it when you can see things coming a mile away (and with bad choreography).

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edit: Since I already made a template, I might as well do this:

Two versions, 20% More Edge version and Clean one.

Sort of 80's design meets 90's video game mag edginess.
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@shozo said:

@shozo: I'm replying to myself because the image is not display correctly.

Damn, somebody got there first. You can have the tagline I was going to use: "Eyes on Ubisoft."

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Well, it is your own fault for reading anything on the Polygon.

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You might want to learn how to build circuits before going into the computer stuff. After the running of code is involved, everything is so far removed from chemical/physics standpoint that those things can just be ignored 99,99999999% of the time.

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Voice over would really kill character customization or available dialogue. I can't seem them recording multiple lines ranging from my male INT 1 brute and INT 10 female geek. Also in a good game, charisma skill would also affect the delivery of the lines.

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It might limit physics simulation and that sort of surface level stuff that can easily be cut from last gen version. True complexity of the game has very little to do with hardware.

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New engine is a must. Better modding tools would be welcomed.