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Do people keep nude photos of themselves? Is that common?

Yeah, see that's one of my problems. What this guy did was wrong, but who the he11 keeps nude photos of themselves on their phone? ESPECIALLY if they're celebrities and are aware of other cases of celebrities that had their phones/computers hacked.

They did not keep those photos on their phones, but also in a cloud storage - you know the one that is in the internet.

Best way to keep nudes of yourself:

  1. Burn images to optical media.
  2. Print the images.
  3. Make multiple copies of both formats.
  4. Put them on brown envelopes.
  5. Distribute envelopes to your friends, parents and other trusted people.
  6. Write on the envelope with clear letters "Open after my death".
  7. Wait.

Now you have better chance of being digitally reconstructed in the future.

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I remember the the slab kick and my reaction to it at the time - "that was too stupid".

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Easiest way that I know:

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Really like the highlighting the differences. I remember when this game out, friend of mine loaned this to me "because it is so awesome you have to play it". I liked the MGS1 and had played tons of it - but the Twin Snakes seemed really bad to me. I remember getting to the Psycho Mantis fight and after that I quit. MGS:TS just failed visually and tonally. Everything looked cheap and too clean - original looks grittier and believable. Cutscenes really clashed with what you could do in the actual gameplay unlike the original. There was no subtlety - the craziness had no contrast and came off just looking like bad matrix wannabe. They even took away Meryl's guns !

They replaced her bigger arms with sticks. Also it is funny that she is supposed to be a inexperienced rookie but in Twin Snakes, after the holding cell meeting, she does this really elaborate and confident full auto circle firing thing. Also strange is that they also removed the hip-sway (you know the thing that should tell her from apart from other soldiers in the base).

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@crazybagman what I can tell, Finland and Sweden have about the same stuff generally - I would guess that this extends to rest of northern European countries. There are places that sell that stuff online (like Oobir pointed out), but you can't get everything and prices are about 3-5 times of they cost in Finland.

I got this image from this blog. Pretty much every candy pictured here is a good choice (I am not sure if Black Domino is a candy - all Dominos [~Oreos] I have seen have been cookies. And Muumi-thing is bubblegum.)

Personal recommendations of what you definitely want to try: Turkish Pepper, Heksehyl/Noitapilli and Musta Pantteri (saltier version of the Pantteri).

Now ask yourself, what kind of candy has to be represented by an image of angry jungle predator? Also there are variations that have taste of tar added to them.

Yeah, and if you get change try try the turkish pepper + vodka combo - you can get various salmiakki liquids to mix with your booze.

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So, it is an stand alone expansion to a game that was stand alone expansion?

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Saints x Ghostbusters? I would pay money for that.

"let's say this blunt represents all of the crazy-ass ghost energy in the Steelport area. According to this morning's sample it will be a blunt, 35 feet long and weighing approximately 600 pounds."

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Vanguard Princess looks like it could find home in my collection.

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Now, I am not saying that this is bad, but should this campaign be led by moderators or member of the staff? Instead we have poster who has posted nothing else and when you google his Indiegogo name - you get is article about missing person with the same name. Now, of course this can be legit, but this kind of thing could lead for some more scam posts in the future.

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Just out of curiosity, what kind of windows do you have in San Fransisco? Where I live opening (double glassed with lever locks) window silently from the outside of the 3rd floor is pretty much impossible.