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Imperial system is nonsense and you should convert fully. Your smart people know this, that is why imperial measurements are defined by metric standards (like for example pound is by definition 0.45359237 kilograms, not 12 rabbit hides or whatever you savages think you base your ”measurements” on).

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I agree. And while we're at it, can we also all agree to call a spade a spade and stop using the word "tactical" as a euphemism for "soul-crushingly boring?"

OK, but only if we are talking about DOTA.

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I already live the Sterling's vision and it is beautiful world, man.

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Once I met a man who said: "I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams, if I only could underestimate people." Truth of his words echo here. Only thing bothering me is that I did not come up with this - I like potato salad and money.

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Ah, that feeling when you can buy a triple A game with fake money made from electric trading cards (Far Cry 3 get). Damn missed the Rock Smith one, so I really hope it comes back. Also I am eying at the Borderlands 2 goty edition but could it work as single player game?

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@jadegl: I Guess it makes a bit more since if she is approaching it like that. However the way she rigidly applies theories from very narrow selection without fully understanding the subject, leads to that the message comes of as strange and fake sounding. Like if somebody reads VHS-manual and starts to criticize fruit section of the local supermarket based on that. "Apples do not receive the tape properly, even if you have pushed power-button from in your remote. This tells you that tape might be of a wrong format, damaged or the apples have already been loaded with a tape..." It is at best very pseudo academic and it would not fly at my uni or most likely with any.

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Is she some sort of alien? I mean the way she sees things is so strange and weird, like she is seeing world trough a some sort of absurd rulebook.

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City night - with typing errors!

Mini update: testing game graphics.

City day with light layer
City day without light layer

Obviously there will be more stuff on the street, but let me know what do you think. AND YES, Japanese text is 100% stupidity trough Google-translator.