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It might limit physics simulation and that sort of surface level stuff that can easily be cut from last gen version. True complexity of the game has very little to do with hardware.

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New engine is a must. Better modding tools would be welcomed.

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Step in the right direction. I never had a problem with games from Steam though.

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People who say "smartphones" honestly really don't know what they are saying. Especially if you are doing product photos. For 3 years my job basically was to evaluate technical quality of images in a photolab, (and judging by the raises I got, I did a good job) so take my opinion however you like. How much it matters if your photos appear professional is up to you, but good quality photos can fortify customers trust to the product and brand. Like if isomeri's photo would be used to sell that knife, I could not know if the texture on the blade is due to its qualities or due to the poor gradient rasterization of the camera (or most likely this site's poor handling of images). Using phone ends up also to slower workflow. Trust me, there is a reason why professionals don't use phones when other choices are available

Flash is good recommendation, since it gives in practice consistently same color light. Using different kinds of lamps produces color variation and might not represent your products right.

Lightbox is another good recommendation - it will make easier to take good pictures and speeds up the process.

Like always to the shops and test the equipment (or borrow/rent) and see what suits you.

Image of a end of a pin taken with 8 year old DSRL camera. For human eye same pin pin seems smooth and you cant see any of the foamy stuff - strands are residue from standard tape. Camera like this goes around 100-200 USD used, but current entry level DSRL cameras produce better quality. Lens similar to used for this is around 200-300 USD used. (If I had my remote trigger with me, the image would have been sharper.)

EDIT: here is link for the image hosted on a site that doesn't blur the crap out of your images.

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High Sparrow has risen fast to the most interesting character in the series. However rest of the series seems just to drag and limp. Apart from Sparrows and the jail scene, this episode had nothing to offer.

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At surface sounds like a cool idea. However, I think that there really is no market for it. With new consoles you can play latest games and the old ones, so why do you need this one? Also, they better make it so that usb sticks can be used for game saves in every game (or have internal saving solution).

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That's a man, baby. Or nanomachines.