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Today is a good day to be PC-gamer.

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Who ever wins, we lose!

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@zaccheus: If it comes back try flushing your DNS-cache.

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My English skills are failing me here, what is she talking about? It sounds like a lots of nonsense that goes in circles. Is she making a points beyond "there is sexism in games which is bad"?

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In that case, the only thing anybody ever sees is a bunch of numbers in a spreadsheet... so at that point, what's the big deal?

Well, if you give them a finger, pretty soon they will take the whole hand. Should you not have the control of how and what kind of information the corporations gather from you? Why give them anything for free? Why such a passive, sheep-like attitude?

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Yes. That is what the Xbox One is and M$ said that in the reveling event. It will probably collect info like how many people are there in the room while playing a game or watching a movie, at witch point your heart rate goes up or if you blush when you see new pair of boobies that have next gen physics applied to them. Why would it not collect this info, if it is legal to do so?

So, yes I am with Germany on this one.

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I think they should do Kickstarter or something else that does not split the community that much. I think that it would be rather hard to get new users if most of the stuff is behind the pay wall. I fear that if they come up with brilliant new idea (akin to the ER or TANG), it will be missed by the majority.

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@tourgen: Does the image quality look like this mock-up that has been floating around: