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Fuck Ryan Davis and his pro-Monday agenda!

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~50 votes, mostly "No".

That said, you need to go to the Green Light and vote for Pinball Arcade. Now!

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@mordeaniischaos said:

You can still get decent acceleration from an AMD card (assuming it's fairly beefy) in both of those. It's been getting much better in Blender over time.

Blender and Premiere with a GTX 680 are pretty awesome though.

Really? Because I still think that GPU rendering is not available for AMD-cards with Adobe products (specially when heavy rendering is needed; AE, Premiere) and with Blender Cycles GPU rendering.

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I have AMD card and gaming wise it is good. However, when I use Adobe products or Blender, I cry a bit. Right now I see Nvidia cards as whole lot more attractive thanks to the CUDA.

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Nothing? I did not think that the movie was bad, but masterpiece it is not.

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Zenoclash and STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl.

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Hmm. Things are complicated. Maybe somebody should try summon @vinny -spell?

I am also looking into buying a better mic, and I am approaching this from the angles "What kind of mic is best for the way I work (=large diaphragm condenser)" and "If I get tried of the whole thing, what kind of resale potential it has (XLR mic can be used in more situations and one with good brand name holds value better)".

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I listened the Joe Rogan podcast with Dr. Steven Greer and based on that interview alone, I can call this 100% complete bs.

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Idiots, if you want to strike against EA, do it with your money. Save this bad pr shit for the really evil big corporations.