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Final Fantasy 7. It just does not make sense at any level (bad translation did not help). But it is only rpg that I know that has snowboarding, making it the best rpg that exists.

Star Ocean 2 might be a good candidate but I can't remember anything from it other than it being a disappointing story wise.

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Dude 1: "Hey Dude 2. I got this movie on a Blu-Ray. It is Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. I have not seen it yet - I hear it is very good. ...But is there lots of gore - since I plan to watch it with my niece...?"

Dude 2: "Nah, I have seen it. The woman at start who you think is the main characters dies in shower after like 15 minutes. In the end you see that motel keepers mom is just a corpse. So he was dressed as her the whole time and heard her voice only in his mind. "

Same with the games. And I believe stoodspoon did not ask what is the most efficient way of making the game as dull as possible ("2i am worried i will not be understand the mechanics?").

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@corruptedevil: You are right. Longest heatwave in 60 years is taking it's toll. I swear that when I looked at the picture I saw image for Watch Dogs.

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People who pay money for this kind of things are the only real problem in video games these days.

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@stonyman65: Yeah, why enjoy and explore the game world. Just naming places and locations is bit spoilerish given that you start in village that knows so little about outside world.

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Fallout 1 & 2: INT + Speech and energy weapons as soon as you start to find them. Try to find a car. Barter like crazy (stim-packs are the real deal).

FO1: Pickpocketing was very useful early in the game.

F02: Restoration project mod is a good add on. Science is very useful.

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Oh my God! One carefully selected screenshot looks good! Pre-ordering now! </sarcasm>

True test of any wrestling game is how good your custom wrestlers will look like.

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@oursin_360 said:

If you pay it, they will charge it.

Exactly, and they will raise the price as high as it is profitable. If large enough percent of potential customers are willing to pay $100, they will charge that. You can wait for couple of months and pay less than $10 for that game that you want, but people these days are so impatient that for most this wont be a suitable option - hence higher prices.

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If it plays well it might be good. Artistically it looks like crap.