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@jadegl: I Guess it makes a bit more since if she is approaching it like that. However the way she rigidly applies theories from very narrow selection without fully understanding the subject, leads to that the message comes of as strange and fake sounding. Like if somebody reads VHS-manual and starts to criticize fruit section of the local supermarket based on that. "Apples do not receive the tape properly, even if you have pushed power-button from in your remote. This tells you that tape might be of a wrong format, damaged or the apples have already been loaded with a tape..." It is at best very pseudo academic and it would not fly at my uni or most likely with any.

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Is she some sort of alien? I mean the way she sees things is so strange and weird, like she is seeing world trough a some sort of absurd rulebook.

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City night - with typing errors!

Mini update: testing game graphics.

City day with light layer
City day without light layer

Obviously there will be more stuff on the street, but let me know what do you think. AND YES, Japanese text is 100% stupidity trough Google-translator.

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Wow, that was something else - maybe a bit too much for the last episode of the season. I hope next season will be more even affair.

Now the long wait begins.

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@deegee: The look is one of my main concerns at the moment, and at the moment I am not happy at what I got, that is why there is no screenshots of the actual gameplay. Lowres pixel work is hard and you really get to appreciate those who are good at it.

Edit: That said it will still be more retro throwback style of affair than something modern. Yes, it would be possible to make super jazzy P4-screens and animated FMV - segments but effort and time required would skyrocket.

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@hurricaneivan29: Vinny thing definitely fits with jester-style and good call on the stolen equipment.

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Status update!

I have been searching scripts (no sense do work that somebody already has done) that might be suitable and modifying them. I feel like have progressed pretty well building the core systems of the game. Also messing around with substring methods and regexp-foolery really twist mind into some crazy creative ideas.

@mindbullet said:

Looks interesting. I wish you luck with this. Honestly, even if it just ends up being a bunch of screenshots and half-baked ideas I'd still consider it a worthwhile thing.

Yeah, this requires quite unique combination of time and motivation. I have been making half finished games over 10 years, so I know that this is likely outcome. One of my goals is to prevent this by making game in modular fashion and maybe even making it episode based. Idea is that this way at least I could manage to do the first chapter and then it could be released to Steam Workshop where others could carry it forward, if I run out of steam.

Main menu screen at the current moment. Icons need to be reworked. Soul arts - menu is where you manage your inner demons.

During the next week I take some time of from code-based stuff and do some tile and mapping work. I have to also run whole bunch of tests with the default battle system to see if it is good/modifiable enough to use in the game.

You Can Help!

If you have ideas, audio or graphics you want to submit, just post them here. If it is good, crazy or bad enough, there is good chance that they will end up in the game (in one form or another). For example, idea that @exiledastronaut mentioned will be used, albeit with a little twist.

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I think Flatout games do this best: lots of visual damage, slight effects on gameplay.

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@sanj said:


I saw it coming though. Oberyn was far too confident and it was seemingly going too well.

Yeah, also the reaction of others to like Tyrion to the situation telegraphed it. Still, my reaction was: