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Eating warm pizza rolls and using cheese? That is some hoity toity fancy stuff there.

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The real problem with the site is the wrestling bias and lack of proper energy drink video reviews.

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Endurance Runs - that is the place where the soul of Giant Bomb is forged and with out it, the very essence of it withers. Sure, it might be a daily grind and daunting task, yet out of this gauntlet walks men with new visions and heightened spirits. Endurance Run - this is not only what we want, but it is the very thing that you need.

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Man, I should not click on these. I should have learned that all this is just weak bullshit and does nothing more than depress me and dilutes my faith in humanity.

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In regards to the "Increase endurance for hiking with added weight": I found that good running condition relates to this heavily. Before my service, I played lots of soccer and was able to run over 3,1 km in the Cooper test. With that base, carrying around 25kg basic load all the time was no problem, neither was the 40kg full load. Full load with couple of 10kg mines and camping stove however was something I would rather not haul all day. So those that want to have good hiking condition, running is good option. Hiking with a load is easier if you can keep energy up by eating right and staying hydrated.

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Nothing short of brilliant! Made me smile.

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I bought Gamecube back in the day just to play the Wind Waker - I am getting eerie feeling that I might accidentally get WiiU just for Bayonetta 2.

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@christoffer: My point was that hours of streaming is unusual situation and might produce problems. MK2 is not really designed for that - people that use it for movies and that sort of stuff don't do long takes (it is really hard to think movie scene that is continuous shot that lasts over 5 minutes).

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Using a camera with 35mm sensor for Twitch face camera is an overkill since resolution and bitrates make it look not far from good web-camera. Also the hdmi singnal that MK2 gives out has in my experience been somewhat of problem for some devices. Overheating can be issue based on things I have read, but has never happened to me (I have continuously shot at maximum about 10 minutes) or anyone I know (some of whom shoot professional stuff).