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@freshbandito: Yeah, I can see that too. Riptide felt too similar for me even to try and I loved the first one. I am just worried because this can easily be botched without some good writing.

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Sigh. Again company misunderstood what people liked about the original game. It is fun when you can do crazy things in a serious environment. Doing crazy things in whacky environment rarely works as well. This is like with b-movies, the ones that are made seriously are fun - the "ooh look how comically terrible this is" ones are crap.

That said art style looks kind of nice and there is a small chance that this will be OK.

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What would they do during the 30 minute cutscenes?

Piss off half the viewers by making jokes over them? Or bore the other half the viewers by watching them?

Combine this with stealth mechanics + pacing problems, and you have really problematic game series for this kind of thing. Anything from D&D get automatic 'YES' but there are better options out there.

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It seems that forum page 4775 is the last one with content, yet page list displays up to 4785. Maybe deleted threads haunt the system?

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@conmulligan: You used it to prove a point, I did not throw sketchy looking on to the table.

When organization that defines itself as "The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is the U.S. association exclusively dedicated to serving the business and public affairs needs of companies that publish computer and video games for video game consoles, personal computers, and the Internet." gives data and provides no info how they came up with the statistics, you have to question if it is reliable.

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What was the information gathering method? How were the households chosen? How were they surveyed/ Where is the questionnaire?

The definition of gamer is the key part that determines how valid this info is. If you played game once, are you a gamer? Once a month? Twice a week?

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@demoskinos said:

Why? Because the industry is still male dominated both in terms of audience and creators.

According to the ESA, the games audience breaks down along gender lines at 45% women, 55% men as of 2013. Saying that the majority of players are male — while technically still true — is no longer a valid excuse for the almost complete monopoly men have on representation.

Could you please inform why this study is valid and reliable? What is the definition of a gamer according to this study?

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Yes, this would be easy way to improve usability of the site.

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True citizens appreciate the movie and its mixture of satire and b-movie qualities. 3rd movie is pretty great in "so bad that it is good" way. Would you like to know more?

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@lordofultima: Yes they did. Are they going to prison? How much fines they have to pay? Oh, they got muted. They are using service that can do that if the service provider so desires. They agreed to this when they started to use the service or (/and) agreed to the term of services.

Law is the law and if you break it you roll the dice. And the whole point of my original post was that nothing is not going to stop this change in the internet unless the problem is fixed in it's root - which is the copyright law and system that controls and modifies it. You can bitch about Google, Twitch and services that replaces them, but the same problem will creep up (with greater strength) again and again unless the real issue is fixed.

People however tend to focus their attention on the surface issues, so this is not likely to ever change for the better.