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I might give this a second chance on a PC. I liked the light tactical system but the anime crap was too much to handle at the time.

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Modern wood cutting axe - preferably a single piece model. You have option of hitting with the sharp edge or if you are worried about axe getting stuck, just hit with blunt the end. Moderately light and you can use it to do other things than just kill zombies. Decent range and can be used in a tighter spaces.

Swords would be pretty bad against zombies since slash damage would not be effective against the undead and they could get stuck and then bend and break. I f you have to go with a sword, keep in mind that all weeaboo crying in the world wont change the fact that western double edged sword design went far past what the east could offer.

I can see bats and shovels being useful - maybe even dual wielding hammers.

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Horror franchises are bit of hard one, mainly because there is usually only few good movies and rest of the series are just quick cash grabs. You will have better time just picking one offs. That said: Gremlins if you have not seen them (comedy horror).

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@roadshell said:

Oh my god, is it still 1996 or something? I thought we as a society had stopped freaking out about "black bars" and accepted that visual material comes in many shapes and sizes and they don't need to conform to the shape of a television screen. A film director or game developer can use one aspect ratio or another for any number of stylistic reasons. Why it's considered burdensome to play a game in the same aspect ratio that half of all movies are presented in is baffling to me.

Keep saying that and soon will have this:

Wow! It is like you are there holding a phone like a dumb-ass! Very artistic.

Developers need to realize that they are making games and not movies. Things that work in a movie do not necessarily work on interactive format. That is why movies can tell brilliant story in 90 minutes and video game writing struggles to reach writing level off 80-action movie in a 40 hour game. With the black bars in a movie you are focusing viewers attention but in a game you are limiting players immersion and hindering the gameplay. Get it together hack developers or go make movies.

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@fredchuckdave: I am OK with all of that in the VS2, but that game better not have that one vertical room with lizardman and two almost unreachable imps casting silence, paralysis and poison (plus first save point after almost 30 minutes of gameplay).

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@ulquiokani: No, just some hobo juice hampering with my typing.

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Eating warm pizza rolls and using cheese? That is some hoity toity fancy stuff there.

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The real problem with the site is the wrestling bias and lack of proper energy drink video reviews.

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Endurance Runs - that is the place where the soul of Giant Bomb is forged and with out it, the very essence of it withers. Sure, it might be a daily grind and daunting task, yet out of this gauntlet walks men with new visions and heightened spirits. Endurance Run - this is not only what we want, but it is the very thing that you need.