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They will announce that video games are officially dead.

Or if not that, then the final form of their controller and some milestones of the Steam store.

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If intention of Breaking Brad is to break Brad, than Zelda 2 is excellent choice. It is hard, unfair and constantly punishing.

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One of the most important things: modders care about these games, they are not just a another meal ticket.

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@puchiko: it will work fine through component

be warned though, HD TVs are savage to your memory on what those games looked like

Or you might be surprised how the framerate can be better than in the 7th gen consoles.

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To me the bigger deal is that online heists still aren't in the game - they were a promised launch feature. It's been almost a year and a half.

I remember how they used the online heists to advertise the game when it was first showed at E3.

Yes, PC version was not even promised at the start but online heists were all over the pre-release hype material. At this point, I am not even sure if I could bother to check them out.

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This is more of an usability problem than straight out bug, but it is definitely something that got overlooked when site was redesigned.

Managing large number images (or even scrolling trough them) is very inconvenient because there are no pages. Also image operations trigger auto page refresh that returns to you to the first image.

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This should be a two part question as MK in the arcade was way harder than on console.

On console: 1, 2, 3, Ultimate 3, MK Trilogy, 9

On Arcade: none, but I did get up to Endurance Match 3 several times on MK1

Those are the same ones I have beaten. I am also with you with console/arcade difficulty. If somebody wants a MK challenge, they should try MK games in the Midway Arcade Treasures 2. PAL version of this collection had ridiculously high difficulty even in the easiest settings (harder than on MAME emulator) that made getting past 3rd opponent a real nightmare.

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Challenge is one of the core concepts in games. Short length combined with easy difficulty therefore makes a game worse.

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Less screen space to render = more processing power for games to look better. They can argue it's "more cinematic" or something, but it's solely to push more power out of hardware.

This. Nobody ever looked at perfectly running game and said "I think we should add black bars to block the view and thus make it more cinematic."