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I am new to Smash Bros, so if anyone wants to fight my scrubby self, feel free to add me!

FC: 3909-7492-5592

Region: NA (PDT)

Preference: Anything

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I think it's safe to say for Giant Bomb Tournament #2 we should go ahead and skip items. For some reason when I created the tournament, I thought it would just give us a handful of starting items and not litter the courses with them.

Glad to see more people piling into the tournament! I'd love it if this became a regular, on-going thing.

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@breakfastking: From what I've played of public tournaments, you can retry as much as you want until the end date of the tournament. Not sure if that's different for private tourneys, but I'd be surprised.

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Let's get this thing going. I have a tournament running with fairly standard rules to being with. Hopefully we can make this a regular thing.

Tournament Code: 61-8561-1900-5750

  • Forest Course, 18 holes, standard tees
  • No character restrictions
  • Normal wind
  • Items On (sort of regretting this, but oh well)
  • Ends on May 9 at 6:23 AM

To access a private tournament, select the following:

  1. Mario Golf (Quickplay) on Main Menu
  2. Tournaments
  3. Private Tournament
  4. Search by Code

Good luck, y'all.

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Make that one more for a regular GB tournament thang

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It looks awful, to be honest.

Just out of curiosity, what looks awful about it? The complete lack of animation is preeeetty weird at first, but it's actually pretty charming in a D&D kind of way.

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Also, take a look at the various detail-less papers laying around in both Gomez's home village, and the Zu city. In Gomez's village, all of the texts you see are horizontal. In any Zu location, it's vertical. I thought that was a pretty clear indicator.