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Corki for AD, Brand for AP, Nunu for jungle, Teemo for winning in general (90% wins in ranked lol), Taric for support and Galio for tanking. Thats for serious boring tryhard play, gotta bring out the Zilean and Heimerdinger for funsies.

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@Nocall said:
1) At the beginning, how do you know what lanes are good for which hero types? I got yelled at once for starting in the middle lane and I'm not sure why.   2) How long are you expected to stay in that lane for? Is it "your lane" for the rest of the game?  3) How exactly does jungling work? When is an appropriate time to jungle and when should you not be in there?  And, on a more specific note, which heroes should I "give a try"? This is how I play: 1) Ranged is boring. I prefer melee heroes. 2) Support classes and Tank classes are fun. Stealth/ganking classes are not. 3) I like to really be right up there in the heat of the battle, so heals are always welcome.  So far my favorite is Nunu. Who else should I look at?
1) Usually it a mage/AP carry in mid and its usually a good idea, they do need the levels (solo xp is higher than dual lane xp as you may know). At your level the other lanes may not matter much what the other lanes are, I'm guessing that you may see all kinds of weird shit. 
2) If you are in danger of getting killed, it might just be better to go back, consider the fact that you buying after going back makes you slightly stronger until they do but maybe a bit behind in level (not much if duo though, it's fine). Remember to buy healthpots (2 or 3 even) so you can stay in lane and farm longer. Or if you finish a big item like lets say a Infinity Edge on a AD carry. You'll get a feel for it sooner or later. 
3) Unless you are level 30 I would recommend that you ignore jungling, its hard without runes and usually at lower levels the dude going 2 v 1 in a lane will just end up feeding. Jungling can have a thread on it's own pretty much. 
Like others have said Taric is the man for you, Udyr is unique and weird also, might wanna give him a try. Don't play morde, the less people playing morde the better.
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Remake the originals, or at least 2 and 3, make it HD put it on PSN XBLA. I would buy the shit out of that.

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If anything Angry Joe came out looking like a complete fool. Sure Geoff was a dick, ignoring him by looking at celebs and not giving him the time he was promised but Joes questions were ill-prepared and a little disrespectful. Like what does it matter what happened in 2002 with Jenna Jameson. Who cares about a MMO award, I honestly could not name 5 MMO's that came out in 2010 and neither could he. 
I do like his reviews, they're usually pretty funny but he should just quit trying to be some sort of a champion of hardcore gamers.

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75 games at 1057$

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Whitta is awesome and if he's reading this:
Bring back the Theory podcast or anything new resembling it, that was by far the best gaming podcast ever.

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The price is fucking insane, are they high? I'm not paying that and i really like Civ 5.

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Deathspank double pack of some kind for cheap, like 50% off. Other than that I'll just look at the daily sales, there is nothing screaming out at me right now, I have a ton of games on steam but every Xmas sale I end up picking up a ton of games anyway. But I'm always happy with what I get honestly.

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Chime is awesome, seriously. €1 for a damn gem of a game, pick it even if you don't care about this treasure hunt.

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The only new champion that was released at 1350 was Poppy. That was a while ago. It would be pretty unbearable playing with people who are all trying too learn the new champ EVERY game at release, I don't mind the high IP.