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Holy Fuck!!!!

I really believe it's events like this that really encourage and promote the awesomeness that is the Giant Bomb community. I'm not saying we're better than Reddit, but, hey I'm a scientist and numbers don't lie.

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Legend of Dragoon 
I shouldn't have to battle multiple incarnation of a boss on a limited numbers of items.

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Wow. That's a lot of love for Arkham Asylum. 
I'm about half way through and I'd agree on a lot of your points; its fun.  But I do hate that you have to wait soooo long to unlock a bunch of the different gadgets in the game.  Waiting for such a long time before you get the tool that unlocks the security doors infuriates me. But the game exemplifies the notion of balance; you never do any one task for too long or in quick succession.  If you have to fight a bunch of guys in one room the game is made so that in the next room you're platforming or you're having to use stealth. It  make me eager to get back to fight a large group of guys b/c of the battle system is great and the animation to go with combat are really well done too.  
Also there is so much to do in each area you pass through, looking for the myriad of collectables or trying to solve those (sometimes infuriating) riddles is fun and gives a lot of dimension to the world.
However I'm not crazy about the boss battles, maybe they become more exceptional and I just need to progress further but from what I've played they're a little...bland.  They're not bad by any means, I'm just not as sold as you are.  And the scarecrow bits while cool initially I think fall into the same category as the Max Payne dream sequences and just don't hold a candle to the other aspects of the game.  
Not trying to disagree with you outright, it's a great game and one of the better one of the year (I don't know if I would say the best), but it will be interesting to see how it stacks up in 'Game of the Year' discussions

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@EdIsCool: Agreed, comparing the moods of FO3 and Stalker, you get more of the feeling of desperation from Stalker.  FO3 is just trying to be funny in to many spots to feel 'grim'.
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Happy about the updates....but the site's font still needs changing.

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I love death rays, alien crystals, and random samurais that don't speak english?

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Shotgun, ammo, and water
-Tell him, go separate ways, and then shoot him in the back as he's walking away
-Go down fighting
-The Zombie Survival Guide
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Whoot! I love pixels, things exploding and lions so this game has to be for me right?

And what's an Amiga?
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