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Landing the Big One 0

After a mediocre eight months on the market, the 3DS finally received its first of many supposed kill apps in Super Mario 3D Land. It finally feels that there’s a reason to play Nintendo’s latest hardware offering, because every time I fired up a level in Mario, I couldn’t help but smile at its pleasantness, its ingenuity, and its quirkiness. 3D Land really is a joy to play and, like all mainline Mario games, is the purest definition of video game fun for a list of reasons.The most noticeable th...

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Batting a Home Run 0

I shouldn’t like comic book games. I don’t even read comic books. I’m pretty sure I haven’t even touched one. My only experiences with super hero characters are watching the big-budget Hollywood adaptations of the last decade and loyally following Batman: The Animated Series as a child. I was Batman crazy as a kid, despite never reading a single comic book. I had the figurines. I had the clothes. I had the video tapes. I had everything but the comic books. And now, here I am, enjoying the sequel...

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Battling High Expectations 0

Battlefield 3 is just one of those games.You’d think that after a third entry in the main stay franchise, a series of console spin-offs, and a glut of free play experiments, that you’d be tired of that same old tune. That’s true, to a certain extent, but it bodes well have a sense of familiarity in this case. My history with the franchise is spotty at best: in my youth I played a tremendous amount of Battlefield 1942 offline, waging war with shell-shocked bots because I lived in the middle of no...

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Reaching for the Pinnacle of Evolution 0

Evolved.That’s what Halo has become. It’s hard to imagine that it has been nearly ten years since the salivating masses had met Master Chief, and it’s even harder to imagine that Halo Reach is Bungie’s final farewell for the franchise. The feeling for most fans is apocalyptic dismay as the realization sets in that Bungie will pass the torch onto the unproven 343 Industries. But let’s disregard the murky future and concentrate on what Halo Reach means: it’s another Halo game and, my, it’s beautif...

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