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Ah, thanks for clearing that up...bummer. Doesn't really feel like a UPF when there's only 2 of em lol.

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I was just curious if there was a UPF this past Friday and if so why it hadn't been uploaded to the Subscriber page yet? I rarely am able to catch them live but UPF is the reason I subscribed so I'd hate to have missed it, but I know occasionally they don't hold them. So yeah...what's up?

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Right now the only game I will for sure buy is Tony Hawk HD...depending on what deal they work out for buying them all...I may be willing to take the plunge on all 5 though.

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Eh, I'm definitely someone who grew up on Nintendo but was spurned aside by the Wii. I own one...and the last time I booted it up was about a year ago to play Mario Kart 64 for a fun night of Don't Drink and Drive. I just can't see a reason to pick up a Wii U when I have a PS3 and an X360...maybe when there's finally a price break I'll pick it up to finally try out the first party games but it's been years since I cared when I heard the name Link and Samus in rumors of future games.

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I'm glad I woke up at 3PM today so I didn't get to play anything on Xbox yet...but having read this, maybe I should fire up MLB The Show just to be on the safe side.

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I kind of wish they had just made him to cover for everyone. It's about (or is it aboot?) time a player for a canadian team makes it (outside of Jerome Iginla in 2003) as a cover athlete. And I freaking hate Adrian Gonzalez but I don't have a printer so I can't just use a fan created cover :-(

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I missed out on last year's copy but I'm LOVING MLB 12...The Show remains one of the only reasons I play games on my PS3. (Otherwise it's basically my media center, and my 360 does all the heavy lifting, gaming-wise)

My favorite thing about past NHL / Madden games has been Ultimate Team, and so I'm LOVING Diamond Dynasty, and I have some pretty good uni's created so all and all I can see this game lasting me the summer for sure.

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Skyrim...but I'm actually starting to get a bit bored of it.

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As a Los Angeles resident...I can't wait to get my hands on this next installment. San Andreas remains my favorite game in the having a more detailed Los Santos is freaking amazing. CJ should totally make a cameo in a mission or side mission.