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Office Space meets Justice Leage 0

Have you ever thought that there should be more bureaucracy in your favorite super hero's lives? Like there weren't enough "Office Space" moments in your Batman and X-Men films? Well Double Fine has you covered with Middle Manager of Justice! Middle Manager is a new Free-To-Play game on iOS from developer Double Fine, the fine fellows who brought you Psychonauts, Stacked, Iron Brigade, and Costume Quest, that tasks you with running an organization of Super Heroes that has run on some hard times....

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Intern Project turned into an XBLA Gem 0

Back in the Summer of '07 I was shocked one night to find a free game available on Xbox Live Arcade, and promptly downloaded this oddity. I didn't know what to expect, before playing Aegis Wing I had read a little bit about it and knew it was developed by a very small team working at Microsoft. What they produced is better than some of the stuff that full studios puts out there, but that isn't to say this game is without flaws.Aegis Wing is your standard side scrolling shooter also known as a Sh...

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Wario is better served Twisted than Smooth 0

Wario has always been the redheaded stepchild of the Nintendo franchises. He had a try at being a plat-forming icon, much like his mortal enemy Mario but that didn't turn out so well. On the handheld however, Wario has struck a new chord with his crazy collection of extremely short mini-games, known as “micro-games”. The WarioWare series has done quite well for it's self on the Game boy Advance, with both Mega Micro games Inc. and Twisted selling like hotcakes. Touched was a bit of a let down de...

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An RPG That Is Special In It's Own Way 0

Enchanted Arms is a Japanese style RPG that was originally released alongside the Xbox 360 in Japan to help sell the system. It took around 6 months to get the game ready for the U.S. Market, and based on the script, it leads me to believe that either the Japanese that made this game have a twisted sense of humor...or translating this game went horrible. Due to the extreme amount of situations that make it seem something was mistranslated, the logical conclusion is that all of the odd dialogue w...

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Penny Arcade fans rejoice...Everyone Else? Move Along. 0

What kind of madness must come from a Penny Arcade video game? When this game was first announced I, and many others, questioned how a web comic that centers primarily on video game humor would translate to an actual video game. What Hothead Games came up with captures the Penny Arcade style humor perfectly, but is significantly lacking in the gameplay department.You begin the game creating your own character. Unfortunately the customization options are extremely limited having only a possible 2...

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