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The metric system is not purely arbitrary in the same way the Imperial system is.

1cm3 = 1ml

1ml of water = 1gram

Water freezes at 0 degrees centigrade

Water boils at 100 degrees centigrade

I would be interested to hear comparative Imperial equivalents

Anyway I'm pretty certain you are trolling or have never studied any serious science,

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@cale: In the UK you can only drive automatics if you pass your test in one. Pass in manual and you are ok in whatever.

I've only ever driven automatics a half dozen times amd have never felt safe doing it. I need a clutch.

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WASD all the way, would i be correct in assuming you are left handed or do you have a huge desk?

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@hatking: It's still using the proprietary stuff, Sony announced the cost of that would come down a while ago, that's probably what you are thinking of.

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@hunkulese: * it's not much different from eating the skin on a HAIRY Apple!

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What hardware changes have there been? I saw a gpu cycle increase rumour but that's just software.

When they announced the changes they said you'd need to connect at setup, so I fully expect a pretty substantial day 1 patch then it'll be ok from there.

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@jdh5153 said:

That just looked like cardboard crap a two year old made...Nothing impressive about it at all.... I'll take the crashes in Forza any day over that.

It's a Physics engine not a graphics engine so it isn't made to look good, It's about how it behaves and despite the big crashes that grab peoples attention it's applications are much greater than smashing into a wall.

Real working suspension, shapes that flex bend and deform. If what they are doing takes off someone else can apply Forza 5 shinies.

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@steelerzfan101: I was going to say yes, I love that show and can't wait for series 2, I didn't realised they where making an American version. The original Swedish / Danish was great.

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@urida "you see that in this universe Booker is a martyr for the Vox. Now this has a whole slew of problems. This universe also has a Comstock so we've now got a problem of whose universe this is; the martyr Booker's, this new Comstock, or the same Comstocks"

Every Universe you visit has a Comstock and a Booker (the one you play as at the time), in this particular one booker came to "rescue" Elizabeth found that she had already left the tower and ended up fighting for the Vox and died, there is no complication when further down the line a new Booker arrives with a new Elizabeth (If two Luteces can exist why not two or more Booker/Comstocks and Elizabeths)

With the statue, there are an infinite number of Robert Luteces so it's possible that the tear opens to show a different statue. Or as the Lutece Twins as they are referred to in this universe are well known it could be a deliberate and rather fancy statue trick setup by Ros and Rob.

The Bird / Cage, Ros expects you to be a bad person and choose the symbol of captivity, Rob expects you to choose freedom. Hence Rob is optimist Ros is fatalist.

With the coin flip it always comes up heads but Booker will sometimes choose tails. The size and importance of an event does not determine if it is a constant or not. There must be some universe where the coin does come up tails but it appears that in none of these universes has booker made it to that point.