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Fine, I'll roll over and take it too. Sucks is all.

Gears 3 is the free-to-play/micro-transactions business model, with a full retail buy-in price.

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I'm angry, okay? Internet angry. Really really mad. I love Gears 3, I think it's insanely well polished in every way. Also Gears 2 MP was fantastically supported from broken to almost functional for over a year.

By now you should all be aware there's maps and a ton of characters on disc. (On top of this weapons skins business.) Most likely to end up as on-disc DLC, and from all corners of the internet it seems I can't find anyone as upset as me about it?

To me there's an element of trust that comes with DLC; that I paid for the very best complete product Epic could give me by the time they pressed a disc. Now it appears they held back and want to charge for work they've already done, and you and I already paid for?

Does that make you upset? Or are you kinda meh...

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Correct. Best in a loooooong time (and it's always good).

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GT: Rimfya 

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I had a similar experience in ME2. 
Before you start the last mission I knew those ship upgrades were for something, but I neglected them the whole time. As the cut scene started playing and my crew died one after another I knew I screwed it up. When Tali got bit, I ran and turned off the console. 
But I didn't feel right about it. 
Later in that mission when Kelly died I was super upset about it as well, but instead of trying to right that wrong, I decided that I had to deal with it. That was a very real outcome that I could have avoided but screwed around too much before hand to do so. 
I learned to live with the outcome of my actions, because doing the wrong thing made me feel bad, but turning off the console to try and be 'perfect' felt worse.

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@umdesch4: Forsaken was THE BEST.

Pine Mine.
Pine Mine.

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Like him. Hope Jeff and Ryan agree to this 'agressive self-invite' strategy.

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@mosespippy said:
" @mosespippy said:
" Patrick Klepec left EGMi last week and did turn up at the Whiskey offices for both GDC podcasts. He's a big movie enthusiast so he could fill Alex's role of both games and movie critic in the west coast office. "
Well done sir.
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Speaks volumes about the market that this has the Prey name on it at all.

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C... C... C... C... CALLED IT.