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I played an hour of the campaign 2 weeks ago and swore I wouldn't go through with it. But I keep hearing it on podcasts that it's okay so I thought I must be missing something. 
5 hours later; I wasn't.

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@GhostlyEnigma: Totally on board with scripted elements making for good gameplay. Something I always loved about the MW2 trailers were that every moment in them were events that took place around you while the game was happening.  
In COD:BO, the game is constantly stopping you, slow-mo'ing you or teleporting you to another place/altitude in order to deliver those moments. There's no cohesion because of how often they want to throw the scripting at you. At many points in the game you have a scripted moment, then you walk for a bit, then another scripted moment. It's unnecessary. 
Also many of the scripted moments are just the same from the other COD games, but used repeatedly. How many times were you on the ground having to shoot?  
COD4 - Set piece every hour 
MW2 - Set piece every half hour 
COD:BO - Set piece every 5 minutes (with slow mo!)  
(This is also my order of best to worst story lines, in order, with WaW in #4. MW2 was a stupid story but a far more fluid campaign than BO)
They took a big risk on the story in BO and that's great, but they left in (and multiplied) the gameplay frustrations which have plagued COD since 4. It is a fun story, it is NOT a fun gameplay experience. (In my opinion :)
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@blacklabeldomm: Use of the word retard is unfair. Also you've never played a single game in your life you didn't enjoy just to be part of the conversation or see what the fuss is about? Never seen a movie you didn't like? Never listened to a song you hate? 
@Dalai: Regular. 
@SaltyPancakes: LOL 
@MAN_FLANNEL: Why thank you 
@GhostlyEnigma: That's why I tried to make this thread a little unique. I could've just ragged on the regular things; but I believe my problems with the campaign go deeper than "TREYARCH SUX!1!!ONE" ~ That said I understand it's almost impossible to complain about something on the internet without sounding like that; because almost everyone on the internet sounds like that. 
@KingWilly: WHO considers this to be the best since COD4? COD4 is the king and has been barely peered by any release since. Including MW2. I would go ahead and say it's the most interesting COD story told since COD4 but in no way known is this the best, or the second best constructed COD campaign ever. 
This quality of this game as an experience gets a free ride due to the COD engine and COD legacy. Take out those things and this game sells about as much as Totally Spies: Totally Party.
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So I suffered through the campaign yesterday. Through the whole experience I wondered what would best surmise my thoughts. Was it the constant slow-mo interruptions, enemy spawns from cleared areas, brain-dead AI, mission-breaking glitches, hand holding coupled with no information or just Sam Worthington? 
But no, my main problem now with (I suppose) the whole COD series is that it is now a Photo Hunt game. Instead of working your way through environments and enemies, you're constantly scanning the environment for the next trigger. Where is the next barrel, checkpoint, animation, exploding truck, better weapon, needless dialogue, way-finding arrow, helicopter spawn, roof top RPG etc.  
There are many points where you barely need to focus on the actual action taking place around you; just where the next trigger is. Mission too difficult? Just run forward until the next over the top sequence begins. Checkpoint.
As a result I found the entirety of the campaign stuttered and janky. For all the set pieces the game presents I struggled to enjoy any of them as they're just interruptions steamrolling one after another, getting in the way of what you're supposed to do in an FPS; shooting.
So to me; Treyarch created the worlds first Shooter/Photo-Hunt hybrid. Congratulations.

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Wow, OnLive has the BEST marketing people! 
Srsly OnLive, you didn't even try. Hopefully perma-bans any and all coverage of your service in the future.

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Most Best Game of Best Mosts (Game). 
Least Misleading Game Title (example: Tron: Legacy: The Game) 
Best Console Game Box Colour

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Were slogans a prerequisite of Quake clans?

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Good to hear you guys are coming in with an open mind on it. I could care less for a video of sarcastic comments and dissenting attitudes towards new tech.

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I'm only Bronze 1v1 so I'd be wasting everyone's time. 
PLEASE be recording that Huk show match though! Shame it's not MLG vs GB though!!

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If you're not Colossi/Psi Storming you're doing it wrong. 
(I play as Terran, and use 111)