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Between this, and the weed references, and the FAGS video, there's only one person to blame. 
Why did they let him in the office? Ugh.  
How does one game contain a score by Hans Zimmer, and weed jokes?

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@Zatoichi_Sanjuro said:
" @Cheapoz said:
" Here's a surprise!  Matchmaking doesn't work.  Finding it impossible to find an Aussie host on anything other than Normal TDM. I only play Hardcore TDM.  Surprise surprise. "
Robert Bowling: "lol thks 4 the $60 bro!" "
I hate that guy.
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Here's a surprise! 
Matchmaking doesn't work. 
Finding it impossible to find an Aussie host on anything other than Normal TDM. I only play Hardcore TDM. 
Surprise surprise.

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Damn PC players love to get their pointless-vendetta on. I bet people are working some long hours to 'prove a point'.

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My brother sends me a message on XBL "Best ending ever!"  
I asked him "What about Makarov?" 
He replies "Oh yeah, we never got him?! That ruins the whole thing!" 
In the aeroplane scrapyard (why were you there, and separated from your team anyway?), why did Shepherd become priority 1 instead of Makarov? Getting Shepherd was a personal vendetta, getting Makarov would've stopped WWIII. Hmmm...

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@Jeff said:
" @Cheapoz said:
We're lead to believe that after a couple of airstrikes, all of a sudden they own the white house, trenches have been dug, barbed wire laid out, etc etc, and in all that time the US NEVER retaliated? When Foley says "So when do we invade Moscow" I thought, how long were they going to wait for?!
The whole game takes place over the course of, what, five days? Six? The lack of a counter-invasion doesn't seem out of place, since forces would still be repelling the Russian invasion at that point.  For me, the whole plot goes a little too haywire as soon as those dudes get set on fire. Everything that happened from there is why the review talks about the action getting a little exhausting. "
See I thought about that, I couldn't remember if there was a few days added in that section. 
I figured there MUST'VE been a few extra days, are we lead to believe that all that carnage, all those opposing forces, all those trenches, all that barbed wire, was sent to Washington in like, 3 or so of the 6 days the game takes places over?! 
Either there should've been more time allowed in there for that to happen, or the whole DC thing should've been rethought. 
Agree with Ghosts death being the shark jumping moment. At that point I was all like "this game doesn't need this."
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Who else remembers Red Eye. That's the ORIGINAL Aussie energy drink. 
That stuff was tight.

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This weeks show is around 30 minutes shorter than average. That's quite the achievement. Well done.