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So watching a lot of Husky/HD/Day9 something I keep noticing is that pro level players almost NEVER wall in. 
I play Bronze league 1v1, and everything is Zealot/Zergling/Marine rush. No wall in at Bronze and it's GG very quickly. Feels to me that if anyone rushed at the top level they would actually beat these guys that expand super early and build almost no units for the first 3 minutes. Or am I missing something?

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Never stop building SCVs. Never.

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Well, I don't have the PSD. So this probably doesn't conform to any template, but this is my first entry... 

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Can I get the PSD please? PM me where I can d/l

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With Kinect, now you can make your whole body smarter! 

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Step 1. Download the 'StarCraft Amateur Hour podcast 
Step 2. Watch the episode 'Zerg Economic Builds' 
I've not lost vs Zerg since (bronze league). Zerg is all about expanding, expanding, expanding. So fighting Zerg isn't about fighting their armies, it's about fighting their economy. You want a butt-load of Marines at your front door and some siege tanks. You turtle. Meanwhile use Medivacs (2-3 at a time) loaded with marines and helions (plus get some good cliff positioning with  siege tanks if possible) and wipe out their expansions.  
Don't go for their main. Go for the natural and wherever their third expansion will be. Harrass all game. Eventually they'll GG out or throw whatever they've got left at you, which your siege tanks/marines should take care of. 
Again, fighting Zerg isn't about fighting their armies, it's about fighting their economy. You won't beat Zerg often with Terran with basic units vs units.

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How big are the icons on your desktop? They don't need to be 80x80 with huge border surrounds. They could be 20x20 max. 
Design talk yeah!

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Weird. Okay well if there's never mods, it would be nice if at least Blizzard would give an alternative mini-nav option. I wager 99% of people in ranked matchmaking would use it.

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lol! You won a pre-order competition after cancelling your pre-order? 
You sir, are a champion.