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Yeah, well I don't feel completely terrible...

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This is the last game I would've thought that could have made me consider moral choices in games. But alas, I feel bad at times playing this game given my choices.
Take the Jiggoseum for example, there's a few Jiggy challenges that require you to win a race against Trophy Thomas around the track. I assume the game wants you to build a car that is fast, has lots of fuel and can jump hurdles. 

I assumed they might disable wings for the challenge, but no. So I made the fastest aeroplane I could, screamed around the track with no problems with obstacles and thrashed everyone to get the TT Trophy.

Should I feel bad?

I know going back and getting Trophies for the early Jiggy's with super-powered cars can be fun, but I feel like I'm cheating using planes in obviously car-based challenges.

Anyway, discuss.
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This game is still mad broken, 6 ways from Sunday. If any game ever needed a Beta, this was it.

Also, in the "Resistance 2 vs Gears 2" argument, how come Resistance 2 reviews were saved by great Multiplayer, but most Gears 2 reviews simply said that they didn't get to try multiplayer?

Resistance 2 - Crap campaign, good multi
Gears 2 - Awesome campaign, great (but mad broken) multi
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Kanye's album is blistering hot fire btw, feel free to love it Jeffrey.    

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I'll tell you my thoughts, you need to make a Too Human-esque video defending/destroying Mirror's Edge reviewers.

Also, I think a lot of people need to do less talking, more reviewing. There's no right or wrong, there's just the way you do it.    
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As a kid, that's what I was convinced the game was called Russian Attack. Oops.

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Tanuki Suit FTW.

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NFS: Razor Callaghan - Still a Threat


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This is the brightest moment in the shining light of the NFS series. Now that they've canned it after the horrible ProStreet, they need to return to these roots. NFS:MW is the best series, and Razor by far the best villain!

Combine him with Brooke Burke as your narrator and you've got yourself instant win.

I forgot his first name was "Clarence" though, hahahaha.